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“In eight weeks, I have dropped two dress sizes and 33½ pounds. I found it to be an enlightening experience...

an effective and satisfying way to lose weight because you don’t feel deprived.”

—Gloria H., Claims Specialist

“I learned to relax, be positive, handle stress, control my habits, and focus on what I needed to do. I’ve lost ten pounds. and three inches off my waist... hypnosis worked and I am not done yet!”

—Judy J., Claims Representative

“I came here to lose weight; to change my eating habits; to eat less in general - better in a word. All of that happened for me, but best of all I learned confidence and found a new me. Sounds melodramatic, but it’s true. I found out I was okay. I was actually happier than I had been before. What a great feeling! This works! Mind Spa Wellness ‘their lifestyle management’ works in so many ways, on so many levels. Try it, folks. Believe me, you will like it. A wonderful experience for me.”

—Sandy K., Cardiovascular Assistant

“My eating habits were changed:. less food, less craving for sweets. It was very easy to stop wanting to eat when sad or upset, etc. I lost fifteen (15) pounds in four weeks”  

— Karima C.B., Homemaker and Mother

“I came to Mind Spa Wellness for lifestyle management with expectations of changing my life to become a slim and trim person. I tried hypnosis once before with good success so I thought I would try it again. I have lost thirty-two (32) pounds and six (6) inches off my waist in twelve weeks. Patricia Armour made a plan just for me tailored to my needs. I know without her help I would not have the success I have now. I am working out three times a week and enjoy it. I no longer eat just to eat. I only eat when I am hungry. I no longer have a lot of bad habits that I had before I came here. I would recommend her program to anybody that wants to improve their self and lifestyle. The program was easy and painless. I like the results I obtained. I have signed up for another program to work on other areas of my life.”

—David W.F., Sr., Retail Store Manager

“I lost 13 pounds in 21 days... My desires for sweets, junk food, extra food, late night snacks... ALL gone.... easily, quickly, effortlessly, thanks to hypnosis.”

—Brian C., Corporate Vice President

“I came to Patricia to work on weight loss, but it seems to be more than just that. My outlook has changed,

as well as my opinions about myself. I had chronic back pain and condition that required surgery. My doctor warned too much physical exercise would be too strenuous on my back at this time. This prevented me working out. However with hypnosis, I was able to shed both inches and pounds, and reduce pain, get motivated for light exercise daily, and shed both pounds and inches from my body. Patricia taught me deep breathing exercises to reduce my stress, aerobic breathing exercises to reduce my size, and positive suggestions to change and improve my unhealthy eating habits, and gain self-confidence. I am sixty (60) pounds lighter, and sixty-five (65) inches thinner all over! No more yo-yo’s. I feel taller and stronger after my hypnosis and coaching sessions with Patricia. I am thinner, lighter, and happier!”

— Melody C., Underwriting Assistant

“I was overweight and sluggish. I never realized I could achieve healthy eating with exercise so easily. A true test of my success... a seven-day cruise with incredible food. Not only did I not gain any weight, I totally enjoyed all of the healthy foods served. The program works!”

—J. Joseph R., CPA, Accountant

Yes,  You  too,  Can  Master

The art of joyful living, the renewal of optimal well-being,

the satisfaction of success, and tap into universal wisdom.

All  through  the  Power  of  Your  Own  Mind!

“I lost over eighty-five (85) pounds and fourteen (14) inches off my waist! It’s been five years...

the weight is still off!”

— Stephen F.W., CPA, Accountant

“I no longer eat or desire certain foods such as chocolate, utter and high fat foods. I was able to lose 30 pounds. I have gained a new desire to eat healthy, to look for fat-free and low fat foods. I feel more at ease with myself in trying to shed this excess weight. I find myself only wanting to eat certain salads. I do not crave  fattening foods as before. Even when shopping for groceries, I read labels and walk away from candy and cakes without ever thinking about it.”

—Dorothy K. Claims Specialist


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Weight  Loss  and  Control

“Five  Years  Kept  Weight  Off – 85  Pounds  and  14  Inches…”

“Dropped  Two  Dress  Sizes – Lost 33  Pounds…”

“Effortless – Lost  13  Pounds – Junk  Food  Gone…”

“No  More  Yo-Yo’s – Lost  60  Pounds  and 65  Inches  Thinner…”

“Emotional  Eating  Stopped – Lost  15  Pounds …”

“Enjoying  Exercise – Lost  32  Pounds  and  6  Inches  in  Waist…”

“New  Self-Image – I’m  Happier  and  Confident…”

“Focus  and  Control – Lost 10  Pounds  and  3  Inches  in  Waist…”

“No  Weight  Gain  on  Vacation  Cruise…”

“I  Gained  a  New  Desire  to  Eat  Healthy  Foods – Fat  Free,  I  Lost  30  Pounds…”

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10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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