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“I have listened to several  

self-help CD’s on a regular basis. Patricia Armour’s CD’s have proven to be most empowering and effective.

Her CD’s are truly therapeutic

in the absence of a Therapist. ”

–Angela H., Teacher

“Patricia’s CD’s are ideal as

an on-going support system.

People from all walks of life

can truly benefit by

listening to them.”

–Nancy R., Producer


Anyone can master the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation for better quality of life, prosperity, self-fulfillment, life purpose, and well-being as you listen to the... Virtual MindSpa Traveler

Guided Hypnotic Self-Mastery Meditations.

When you sleep, you dream. Guided Imagery is like being drawn into a dream state of consciousness.

Guided Imagery uses your imagination, memory,

and intuition to create feelings of deep relaxation

as a pathway to clear your mind of unwanted, busy, confused, fearful, negative, stressful thoughts and emotions.

“Life is the movie you see through

your own

unique eyes.”

–Dennis Waitley

Self-Hypnosis is the oldest, most natural state of being to create

self-improvement, well-being, and personal change in your thoughts, feelings,

attitude, and behavior.

This powerfully effective model of total mind/body sensory communication with positive suggestion allows the conscious and unconscious mind to believe the same messages to function together in harmonious patterns of thoughts for complete, unstoppable goal manifestation.

Turn your busy mind into a stream of consciousness by taking the journey

of a single thought to enlightenment...

Meditation is a light coming on in your mind as it illuminates the meaning of life with sudden moments of profound clarity and wisdom, great truths and purity of heart, healing and self-renewal through your own awareness.

Meditation is a centering, a catharsis, and a celebration, for real happiness and peace, a moment of self-realization, which results in transcended transformation.

Powerful conversational techniques of Neuro-linguistics,

the latest scientific discovery in psychology...

are suggestions as embedded paradigm shifts in consciousness directly to your subconscious mind for progress, peak performance, purposefulness, and peace with effortless effectiveness with empowering new perspectives for dramatically faster results in self-satisfying goal success.

As you drift into your imagination, where dreams come true as you go into future possibilities of becoming the kind of person you want to become, and achieving the lifestyle you want to live.

You are taking a most memorable journey to a private place where beautiful colors and images may appear, greater understanding and natural healing can happen...

A safe place where goals are achieved, dreams are realized, and peaceful feelings do exist... As you explore a sense of who you are and what you are capable of becoming as you Master the Secrets to Wellness, Joy, and Success.

You can explore traditions in meditation that lead you to be more receptive, reflective, contemplative, and perceptive of your own life purpose and destiny, highlighted by guided meditations created for a soul-centered lifestyle in achieving your heart’s desire.

The discipline of personal authenticity, through the Mind Spa Meditations will take you on a profound personal journey of quiet grace and elegance, allowing for the healing miracle of love, the secret power of intuition, magic of manifestation, and the sacred art of joyful living!  

Illuminating journeys with picturesque guided imagery to captivate the mind

with life-enhancing messages, healing energies, soul-centered wisdom, and powerful affirmations.

These meditations are designed as a pathway to renew your spirit and awaken your destiny

beyond the threshold of the new millennium.

This is a portable self-renewal system for personal transformation

based on the philosophy that anyone can master the eternal laws of attraction and manifestation, within the Spa of your Infinite Mind for authentic possibilities of being.

You will fall in love with Patricia M. Armour’s hypnotic meditations...

which truly capture the essence of life’s eternal mysteries, with a blend of soul-centered wisdom,

ancient mysticism, new millennium mysteries, and the great universal laws of mind.

Guided Inner Journeys of Self-Discovery will affirm and validate all facets of who you are. These holographic hypnotic meditations in the MindSpa Traveler Series™ will transport you to tranquility, inspiration, serenity.

This is an exceptionally powerful tool for stress relief, mind expansion,

creative problem-solving, self-mastery, goal manifestation, and self-renewal.

“Follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

–Steve Jobs

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