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“Frustrated at my career progress -- Despite tremendous potential, I always seemed to hit the proverbial glass ceiling. Amazed at Dr. Patricia’s grasp of corporate politics and the new tools and techniques she made available to me. Using these strategies, I left the world of middle management and became a true leader. This personal change raised my income by $30,000 within two months!”

—Jeffrey J., Vice President

“I was a full-time mom, and had no confidence in myself as a network marketing entrepreneur or as a business person... with the power of hypnosis and coaching, I could suddenly prioritize my life, make appointments and take charge... Now I know that I can make a difference...”

—B. J. L., Senior Sales Representative

“Tension, depression, my life had no direction. Then, I applied the wealth of information and new mental strategies I learned to daily situations... I have been motivated enough to open my own communications business. I now know that life can be much better because my new goals continue to motivate me every day...”

—Michael S., Entrepreneur and Business Owner

“As a trainer, I was required to learn a new software program and educate my entire staff within days. To the benefit and appreciation of my organization, I greatly improved my ability to focus, learn and explain complex information to both staff and management. I was able to show leadership and perform in a truly professional manner.”  

—Hal W., Military Supervisor

“As a small business owner, I’ve worked nonstop, seven days a week for the past two years... out of touch with the many roadblocks to my success. This program taught me how to clear my mind... from busy confusion to peaceful understanding. My professional job performance improved, and business is now on the road to prosperity.”

—Randolph, L. F., CEO, Kerrand Corporation

“Prior to meeting Patricia Armour my life had fallen into a rut. Taking sessions with her changed my life. I was angry and hostile. Patricia Armour helped me focus on changing me and my life, and focus on what I want in life. Within one month of sessions I was feeling better and began approaching people and situations differently. I began manifesting positive occurrences in my life as professional opportunities. Patricia Armour helped me change my thinking, and I manifested my dream car, which was something the old, negative me thought that I would never get. Falling into a rut is a gradual process, and coming out of a rut is a gradual process as well. Thanks to Patricia Armour I’m not where I was!  Although I have had a breakthrough, I still have even more things that I want to accomplish. ”

—Kimberly P., Registered Nurse

“When I came to the Mind Spa, all my friends were in dead, my job had become life-threatening and infectious. I had not worked in ten months. After several weeks, my mood had increased to a steady peaceful state. I had a new career in community health with week-ends and holidays off. I go an $8,000 pay raise! I am able to tolerate personalities I would not have in the past. This has been a very positive experience. This experience helped me make better decisions. I feel more positive about myself, and I am more appreciated by my colleagues at work for my knowledge, experience and personality.”

—Michael E., Nurse Case Manager

“Meeting with Patricia Armour has been a great pleasure. After four sessions with her, I now have a better vision of what are my most important values. She has made me realize some things I thought were important are not really my driving force in my life. I now feel more directed and focused on what path I want to pursue. My mind is spinning with new ideas. She gives you so much of herself and really cares about helping her clients clarify their present issues. I would recommend anyone who needs new directions or specific changes in their lives would greatly benefit from coaching sessions with Patricia Armour.”

Cynthia B., Realtor

“Patricia has helped me to clarify my thoughts, needs, and feelings about my relationships, work, and long-term and short-term goals. Since working together, I am more decisive, direct and clear on what I want from life. I am more able to channel my energies in a particular direction. What an important step this was for me! At mid-life, we need to “re-think” ourselves in every area of life. I belief I’m off to a great start, and the next fifty years look full of opportunities and fulfilling life experiences.”

—Nancy M.,

Yes,  You  too,  Can  Master

The art of joyful living, the renewal of optimal well-being,

the satisfaction of success, and tap into universal wisdom.

All  through  the  Power  of  Your  Own  Mind!

“I came her to find direction in my life. I was in a dead-end job. I couldn’t get up in the morning to face another boring day on the job. In my sixth week of the coaching program, a great job came into my life that fit with my background experience that employed people with my values. It’s Amazing! I was skeptical starting this program, but I’m convinced that it really works. I feel more relaxed and can make decisions better, which is an added bonus.”

—Christine B., Office Manager

“I was stuck in an ill-fitting business career path that was making me miserable. I always knew it, but after Bachelors and Masters degrees, I felt I was stuck for life. Patricia Armour gave me the courage to look beyond the years of schooling and experience – and let it go! That is a huge step for me to be able to let go without any concrete plans. I feel free to pursue a career and life that will make my happy instead of being drudgery. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

—Laurie T.

“I was confronted with a most challenging career decision. With Patricia Armour’s technique and guidance, I was able to rise above the fear and find the wisdom and courage I needed to make a choice. It was amazing that after one session, I was able to see the light so clearly, when I had been plagued and locked with indecision by this choice for weeks. I was positive and without doubt which choice was right for me.”

—Carol B., Human Resource Asst.


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“It’s  Amazing – Dead-End  Job  to  a  Great  Job…”

“Greater  Prosperity – Raised  My  Income  by  $30,000…”

“I  Began  Manifesting  Positive  Occurrences  and  Opportunities…”

“I  Got  a  New  Career  and  an  $8,000  Pay  Raise…”

“Performed  Leadership  Skills…”

“My  Job  Performance  Improved…”

“Opened  New  Business – Motivated  By  New  Goals  Everyday…”

“Professional  Breakthrough…”

“Discovering  My  Life  Path  and  Purpose…”

“At  Mid-Life,  I  am  More  Decisive,  Direct,  and  Clear…”

“Career  Burnout – I  Felt  Stuck  for  Life – Now  I  Feel  Free…”

“Career  Decision – Challenging  to  Clear  Choice…”

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10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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