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Love, health, joy, fame, fortune, power, adventure, success, or peace?

You deserve to have the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and vibrational energy

  that create every positive desire as your life’s reality and your best self.

Here are five techniques to assist you in living your ideal life and becoming your best self.

1. The Law of Attraction is ruled by the vibration and frequency of your thoughts, so the more you think about that thing, the more you attract it into your life, whether or not you want it. Like attracts like, so it is important to focus on what you want, not what you lack or don’t want in your life.

2. Meditation is a personal journey, an inner adventure in awareness, wholeness, wisdom, balance, and peacefulness… through healing and well-being in body, mind, and spirit, and the connection and contemplation on the mysteries of life.

3. Mindfulness is greater awareness of ourselves, harmony with our environment, savouring the present moment, the illumination of the significance of our life experiences, and oneness with all that exists in the universe.

4. Creative Visualization is an exploration into imagining the possibilities of life… creating your future, healing your past, changing your behavior, expanding your vision, awakening your full potential, and manifesting your desires.  

5. Vibration of Manifestation is the ability to shift your thoughts and energy into alignment with your intentions and desires. Everything is energy that vibrates at different frequencies. When your thoughts and beliefs match, you are in vibrational harmony to manifest everything.


Guided Meditation • Mindfulness • Creative Visualization • Vibration of Manifestation



  1. Intention – Know what you want to attract into your life
  2. Be Mindful – Focus your thoughts only on what you want
  3. Create  – Visualize your life how you want to experience it
  4. Shift – Raise your vibration with positive beliefs and emotions
  5. Allow– Align your beliefs with your desires to manifest

What  Do  You  Really  Want…

My  “Law  of  Attraction”  Guided  Imagery  Exercise  for  this  Month…

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Creative Visualization • Mindful Meditation • Vibration of Manifestation

Guided  Imagery  and  the  Law  of  Attraction Monthly  Meditations  for  Manifestation

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“Law  of  Attraction”  Guided  Imagery  Exercise  for  this  Month

Mind Spa Wellness

10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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