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This focuses on developing a personal commitment to acting in ways that further

your values, and teaches you how to live a more enriching and rewarding life toward


Personal commitments of integrity are intuitive choices revealed by your actions...

These are qualities of ever-unfolding actions to building larger patterns of effective living through elf-discipline to greater patterns of success. You must possess a desire and willingness to commit to a plan of value-based actions, which requires acceptance and flexibility, self-forgiveness, and personal responsibility.

Together, we design...

Inspired action plans and strategies, utilizing “Living Fully Journal,” system to

overcome life’s obstacles and to keep you moving forward.

You will learn...

The twenty things you can do to improve the life you are living right now.

Focus, Action, and Empowerment...

When you are living your life based on what matters to you most

– by the soul qualities of something you do, i.e. “being a loving person,”

you will be prepared to handle, embrace and enjoy every experience life has to offer you.

This easily guides you through the labyrinth of life...

And helps you put the pieces of your life puzzle together with each new insight to bring about a powerful transformation that instantaneously and automatically moves you from limitation into liberation, and distress into happiness.

The power of self-help books, tapes, seminars, and CD’s brought to life!

Are you living your life with vitality and engagement focused on what is most meaningful to you, or are you entangled in the struggle and weight of your problems? Imagine how you would feel if you knew you could create your life, however you wanted it. That is the power of life coaching!

Together, we will design...

A well-balanced, fully expressive, and deeply satisfying lifestyle for you.

It is a customized program for clarity, vision, and purpose in setting meaningful goals,

and creating a life path of self-empowering patterns of action for greater enjoyment ...

It is the power of self-help books, tapes, seminars, and CD’s brought to life!

It awakens in you...

All the resources you need to make meaningful, inspiring, and

empowering life choices for yourself.

With this focus, it helps you make positive, and sometimes profound, lifestyle changes and the right decisions about what you do and feel, consistent with whom you are, what you value, and what you want to achieve in your personal, professional, or spiritual life.

It will teach you and show you how to...

Move beyond what you already know into future possibilities of the kind of person you want to become and the lifestyle you want to achieve. It will teach you how to open your mind, awaken the seven degrees of happiness, enhance your life, and create lasting change and personal transformation.

It represents all areas and aspects of living with a balanced focus

and value-based purpose and priority.

Together, we will...

Focus on all the areas of your life where you would like to experience self-improvement, enhancement, enrichment, enjoyment, and/or enlightenment. It will immediately re-align you with your vision and dreams of who you imagined yourself to be, but have not yet achieved.

We will analyze...

Your life balance, using a “Life Alignment Wheel System,” and determine your strengths and challenges as you begin to set and complete specific life goals, which will be in alignment with your values to create a better future.

This is a success mindset of intentions that transform a self-fulfilling prophecy into

joy-filled reality.

With the right motivation and mindset, skill, and commitment for self-improvement,

you can achieve a balanced lifestyle, inner healing, and spiritual renewal, peace of mind,

a happy heart, and your personal dreams.

The path of self-mastery is like a strand of pearls -- your life values are intentional qualities that

join a string of moments together into a meaningful life path with personal values that present

you with direction and choice. Added to this strand of pearls are value-based intentions joined

with self-affirmations, which creates the formula for your life script.

Your “IT Factor” becomes the “I AM Script” of your life story.

Your intentions are truly transformational!

It s the texture of your life story through value-based internal self-talk...

Known as the voice of your soul.

Self-Affirmations are positive, confident, life-enhancing thoughts or statements about you, your attitude and behavior that you consciously focus on in order to energize a goal to produce a desired result.

The most powerful suggestions and affirmations reverse negative ideas...

Into a positive direction, choice, and outcome.

Your inner voice maximizes self-fulfilling prophecies...

Like a hologram that has the whole in each one of its parts, so does each cell contain the consciousness of the whole of your being. Doing affirmations engage the will, and this will

is the driving force of intention behind your focus, bringing forth the desired lifestyle because through the power of suggestion.

Together, we will create...

The “Right Script” to affirm your path toward success and fulfillment.

This allows you to be fully present and joyfully engaged in every moment of your life.

Affirmations are Key!


Life  Alignment  Wheel  •  Your  IT  Factor  •  Fulfillment  Journal

Power  of  Lifestyle  Fulfillment  Coaching

Value-Based  Happiness  Coaching  Model

Life  Alignment  Wheel  of  Coaching  Model

Your  IT  Factor  Coaching  Model

The “I  AM”  Script  Coaching  Model

Focused - Action  Fulfillment  Coaching  Model

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