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It is a holographic philosophy of meta-consciousness in self-mastery of mind/body/spirit,

through an expansive understanding of your own core value-based philosophy, personal codes of conduct and personal life experiences, elevating you beyond your current reality toward self-fulfillment.

You will learn how to connect your core values, life choices, life purpose, and authentic

self-expression at any stage of life, for greater meaning and fulfillment in everyday living.

Each person has a vision or life purpose -- each soul has a mission or destiny, both individually and collectively in this world. The thoughts, beliefs, choices, and actions you do now will directly shape your future. The times of all our lives are toward improvement and enjoyment, enlightenment and evolution, fulfillment and contribution. You already possess everything you need to succeed.

By knowing when and how to be at the right place, at the right time, and connect with the right people, you can immediately engage in the right strategies to make your personal dreams come true. This will give you a genuine sense of passion, purpose, possibility, wonder, and joy – by loving your own life in pursuit of your true destiny.

This holographic perspective of life teaches you how to make the best life choices, maximize

self-understanding, self-mastery, self-expression, and self-realization through the life choices you

make within the three cycles of consciousness everyone experiences each year. This coaching model

will encompass self-mastery techniques, soul-centered wisdom teachings, and self-actualization training.

This is a profound personal journey of insight, empowerment, and transformation for authentic possibilities of being.

The power of these life principles allows you to maximize your potential,

control your destiny, and become all you are meant to be.

During the seasons of your life span are three paths of momentum and personal evolution because

every year you repeat or re-enter all three vibrations of consciousness. However, you re-experience your life at

various levels of personal growth and understanding through these three perspectives.

Every year you are discovering and learning something new, facing your fears, overcoming challenges and

problem solving, or developing your skills, making life-changing decisions, and improving your life

situation. These aspects of your life are always connected to each other as new chapters in the story of your life.

It includes all personal experiences of Coming of Age, Rites of Passage, and Age of Wisdom.

These cycles of experience happen simultaneously every year of your life. Each step, stage, phase,

choice, and cycle on your life journey takes you through one of these levels of understanding.

Life is an ever-changing, learning, and rewarding experience. Your level of self-improvement, achievement, and satisfaction is shaped by each cycle of energy and each cycle of conscious awareness you encounter, and the choices you make always direct the course of your life.

Design Your Destiny by focusing on and fine-tuning your self-image, self-understanding, and

self-directed choices.

Each cycle of experience gives you the opportunity to change, challenge, or create a better quality of life.

As you become mindfully present within these cycles of consciousness, you will experience a renewed clarity

and certainty of your life purpose, supported by the evolution and destiny of your soul.

You will be coached through each cycle of experience, important pinnacle moments or

mid-life choices, and each level of understanding, as you set forth on a life path to self-mastery.

As a result, you will experience a greater sense of self in self-accomplishment, self-enlightenment, and

self-fulfillment, on all levels of relating and living.

With this coaching model, you will recognize that you have accomplished something of tremendous importance to you, as you realize you have made a breakthrough in the vision and

pursuit of your life purpose, or the next direction for your life.


Coming  of  Age  •  Rights  of  Passage  •  Age  of  Wisdom

Cornerstone Core Values…

Discover your best and right timing now…

Are you living your life on-purpose, or are you searching…

Meta-Consciousness (higher awareness) engages in the natural universal laws of life…

Your Cycles of Consciousness in the Mindful Coaching Model…

Clarity in your Life Choices…

How to Design your Destiny…

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Mind Spa Wellness

10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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This is a profoundly powerful coaching program that allows you to handle the pinnacle moments in your life, or the benchmark events of

mid-life challenges, choices, and circumstances with ease. Make positive changes with the best decisions and right actions, align your core values and live your life with purpose at any stage of life for renewed self-confidence, solution-focused success, empowerment and self-satisfaction.

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My 3-Key Signature Mentoring System “Breakthrough Moments to Happiness” will be CUSTOM-DESIGNED FOR YOU Applying the “5-Great Powers of the Mind” with the insights, mindsets, techniques, how-to exercises,

and the specific focus and strategies within this “Mindful Choices” Coaching Program