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The inner mind can be influenced by stress reduction, repetition, strong emotions, focused motivation, and confident self-awareness. All hypnosis draws upon your own inner resources and degree of desire, motivation, and determination to achieve your goals toward creating positive lifestyle change, and improved quality of life. Your open-mindedness and willingness are an essential ingredient in making the changes that you want to make in your life, and full potential in pursuit of your goals for maximum result. Your success depends on your full participation. Hypnosis encourages confident, focused, motivation because it is a self-help and self-management tool for self-improvement and self-empowerment in achieving effective change and positive results.

The power of suggestion has motivated mankind since the beginning of recorded time. Hypnosis can help you overcome conditions, situations, and limitations which life, relationships, and the environment has place upon you... for practical change, self-improvement, health and well-being, goal achievement, relationship resolution, greater understanding, and peaceful enlightenment. Hypnosis helps you reach specific goals in all areas of life by reinforcing natural talents, internal resources, and positive expectation for achievement.

Hypnosis is the original and most natural state of mind to create personal change and

self-improvement in your attitude, motivation, emotions, reactions, thoughts, performance, health, and behavior. Hypnosis is both a natural model of mind/boy communication and a holistic model of mind/body healing. It is also an effective means of total sensory communication between the mind, body, and spirit, conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious mind; your complete mind and whole self.

The mind/body wisdom of communication is your conscious and unconscious mind connecting with your body. The brain is the central connection between many aspects of the self (the mental, emotional, physical systems) whereas the responses in the body are chemical, hormonal, neurological, and muscular. This communication exists when your senses are evoked, heightened, stimulated, activated, and rejuvenated on several cellular levels through language, visual images, symbols, and metaphors. The mind tells the body what to do based on its perception of the information on the changing state of the world. The great link to your health, lifestyle, relationships, achievements and personal evolution.

All of your five senses are fully active and functioning during hypnosis. Guided imagery and visualization applied in hypnotic exercises uses the power of your imagination and memory through pictures, images, metaphors, colors, and symbols within your mind accompanied by the feeling sensation through your five senses, to help you think more deeply and respond automatically, with confident certainty, for positive change, improvement, health and well-being. The mind stimulates the body’s natural healing and renewal powers to handle life situations.

Events, impressions, and impulses are deeply imprinted on the memory that can create future unwanted responses and patterns of behavior that greatly impact and affect your mental, emotional, and physical health. Hypnosis uncovers the underlying cause of problems from hidden memories and traumatic events of the past. During hypnosis, you can understand, heal, and change the meaning of those experiences, and your reactions to them.. Through hypnosis, you can also access new internal responses to reverse negative thoughts and self-destruction behaviors, heal emotional wounds, past mistakes, and patterns of living.

The essence of hypnosis is your intense concentration on one thing in alignment with your goal to the exclusion of everything else. Hypnosis is a heightened learning capacity of the mind. Hypnosis utilizes suggestions to match your learning style. Hypnotic focus is a natural state of heightened awareness where you easily accept suggestions, listen to inner wisdom, and replace limiting thought patterns with more beneficial ones toward achieving a specific goal. You want to focus on your highest vision, and you will have a liberating experience.

Why would you want to be hypnotized? Based on research over the last 50 years, hypnosis is often the modality of choice for certain health problems, emotional concerns, and the self-help strategy for success in performance goals because it is safe, non-evasive, as nothing is inserted into your body, and it is effective without side effects because it is not a drug. Hypnosis can help you change your thoughts, control your behavior, and heal your body. This holistic form of therapy is a conditioning process whereby you are taught to reduce stress, strengthen focus and use your own natural abilities for personal

self-improvement and benefit.

The mind needs to be convinced, motivated, and reminded to do what comes naturally. Mental rehearsal enhances performance beyond physical practice. A relaxed, hypnotic focus will direct you to your own inner resources. The mental exercise of hypnosis is the discipline of focusing your mind in a way that enables you to understand everything in your life more clearly... from who you are to all you can become... your best and highest potential. When you focus your mind in hypnotic thought, it begins a process of change, and supports self-awareness and self-appreciation, that leads to personal transformation and fulfillment with a sense of purpose to your life. By utilizing your mind more productively and effectively, hypnosis is an excellent exercise for mind fitness.

Hypnosis relaxes the parts of the mind and body that cause anxiety, pain, and stress.

During hypnosis, your body is relaxed and your mind is focused on a specific outcome. It is a natural step-by-step process in meditative relaxation techniques that include slow, deep breathing, and guided imagery. Repeated positive statements allow the conscious and subconscious mind to believe the same messages, so that the complete mind can function in sync to help you achieve your desired goals and outcome.

You remain fully conscious, yet you are more aware of your body and breathing. As you focus on the idea of just being comfortable, your body may feel sensations that are lighter or heavier, warmer or cooler, buzzing or pulsating, tingly or numb and dreamy, as you pleasantly drift into a dreamlike state of mind. Your conscious mind may wander through a labyrinth of inner thoughts wherever it chooses to go. Your body feels as if it has gone to sleep even though your mind seems to be aware of all the sounds around you as these bodily sensations naturally relax your whole self. You will hear guidance and verbal suggestions that can now be accepted directly into your subconscious mind, then later acted upon to assist you in the achievement of your goals and realization of your dreams in the awakened alert state of your conscious mind.

Hypnosis is an enjoyable state of mind similar to various dream states (reverie, daydreams, visions, lucid dreams). It is where you open your mind to new possibilities and future realities, elegant thoughts, beautiful imagery, and euphoric, peaceful feeling, inspired by expanded insight. The effects often include empowering feelings of calmness, profound relaxation, tranquility, creativity, motivation, adventure, and a sense of knowing something more. Hypnosis accesses and allows you to achieve higher states of consciousness.

The hypnotic state of mind is a deeply creative one without boundaries or limitations because you have access to all your internal resources without restriction. The capacity of the complete mind is as thinker, teacher, healer, creator, and mentor. Hypnotic thought opens the gateway for all states of mind... Memory, cognition, intuition, imagination, inspiration, creativity, contemplation, reflection, perception, understanding, healing, and practical application.

Don’t ask,”What is my life purpose?” It is time to design your destiny now... and live your life on purpose. You are what you think you are... and believe your life to be. Through the hypnotic process of thinking, healing, remembering, and creating... It helps you to be aware of your true thoughts and feelings and be present in this moment of your life to live your life on purpose. You can envision and shape the whole of your future, maintain the integrity of your authentic self, feel the healing empowerment of understanding, and engage in quality life experiences.

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful and effective techniques utilized to free you from limitations that have previously held you back from living your best life. I will help you leave a life of stress, maximize your potential, and become the success you are meant to be. The world is changing and so are you. The simple fact that you are visiting this web site is confirms that you are ready to make the positive changes that you desire now.

Excellence, achievement, and transformation are only moments away! The next step is to call and/or email me, Dr. Patricia M. Armour, to arrange a brief phone consultation. Together we will develop a plan to get you started on your way to become the person you want to be... a better you, and help you achieve the lasting success you seek... a healthier, harmonious, happier lifestyle.


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