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Patricia M. Armour is a light being, thought leader, and gifted messenger of the new millennium presenting Guided Imagery Meditations that both teach you and offer you direct first-hand, real life experiences.

Using the powers of your mystical mind engages the soul in divine inspiration, psychic intuition, and spirit communication through higher states of consciousness.

It is designed for you to explore new perspectives and possibilities of being. The guided meditations cover a vast spectrum of inner wonder to the mystical magnificence of spiritual kingdoms, where you can truly feel, see, and hear the language of the soul...

Find prophecy for yourself as you gain spiritual insight, through a visionary universal consciousness. A personal revelation, which will enrich your life experience. All of these soul-centered moments will result in a renewal of spiritual bonding of mind, body, and spirit. In the translation of the energy of all thoughts is the power and transformation of your life.

All Meditation is a Centering, a Catharsis and a Celebration, which results in true transformation.

This meditation circle is... a gateway to experience, integrate, and implement

the Great Laws of Mind and universal truths into your life for spiritual transformation within the dynamic and nurturing energy of a group setting.

At the heart of all the great spiritual traditions is a mystery school of universal wisdom, inner transformational esoteric teachings, and soul-centered exercises through the systematic styles

and disciplines of meditation for balancing our body, mind, and spirit, and developing your

human potential and soul’s evolution.

The art of meditation is the discipline of focusing your mind and opening your consciousness in a specific and dynamic way that enables you to understand everything in your life more clearly,

who you are and who you can become.

It is a powerful pathway to...

As the ultimate inner transformational discipline, meditation provides a gateway to your personal realization of the true majesty, mastery, and mystery of life.

Meditation is not exclusively a Native Indian, Asian, or Eastern method or technique of enlightenment. Western-style meditation allows you to still the mind and let go of worldly concerns, and enhances your sense of well-being and peacefulness, then empowers you with higher states of universal consciousness, and oneness connecting with all that is.

It is a natural quality and phenomena of relating, communicating,

and knowing... that is born within everyone.

It is not something that can be added to who you are because it can come only to you through an intimate

experiential transformation. It is a natural internal growth of your total living.

It is not something from the outside added to you – rather it is like a flower from within blossoming into the fullness of life.

Just like love –it is not added to you –it emerges from within you, because love is the heart and soul of your being.

Meditation gives you a soul-centered sensitivity, a great sense of belonging to the world; as you are the heart of existence,

the consciousness of pure love.

In meditation, you remember and embrace your Beingness as a new light that illuminates the world.

We will focus on complex topics, the true meaning of life, holistic and spiritual concepts, incorporating many styles, themes, and rituals and the mystical powers of ancient and new millennium mysteries.

As spiritual seekers on the journey to Divine reality, we desire wisdom, bliss,

and transcendence – a self- awakening and a self-empowerment. This is a

private spiritual journey that leads you to a profoundly intimate relationship

with the God of your soul.

Your personal mystical experiences are revealed as the blueprint

of your soul. It inspires each of us to become a better human being

through self-realization and compassion for a peaceful, harmonious existence.

When we each travel beyond the teachings of the great spiritual masters

and luminaries, into the realm of direct mystical experience, we will have

an absolute knowingness of God and ultimate truth within ourselves...

individually, globally, and collectively soul-centered. The purpose of the

modern mystic is to be fully in alignment, attunement, and agreement with

your soul for a life of authenticity.

Developing the powers inherent in your wiser mind involves five basic steps when relating to yourself, others, your environment, and the universe.

  1. Open yourself to new possibilities and perspectives
  2. Expect to be aware of subtleties
  3. Trust your senses and first impressions
  4. Interpret and describe your feelings and experiences
  5. Integrate beliefs into your daily life with practical actions

You will receive handouts with meditations. Participation is $20.

Seating is limited. Reserve your space.


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