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You Will Learn...

for motivation and goal manifestation.

to reach their goals.

to make your own dreams a reality.

This Innovative Program is designed to give you a working understanding of hypnotism.

This comprehensive training is informative, creative, practical, with three distinct focal points:

  1. Time-honored traditional techinques
  2. Latest up-to-date, cutting edge procedures
  3. State-of-the-art mentoring

This is followed with “How-to-do-it” exercises, supervised practice sessions,

to actually produce hypnotic states of mind for skillful, therapeutic, effective application.

You will receive training manuals and hypnosis training DVD’s and CD’s with this course.

“All the information, activities with live

 subjects, and scripts were outstanding. It was great, tremendous, very knowledgeable, thank you for a great program —

well worth the money.”

-- Graham S. Phillips

“Dr. Armour is very thorough and dedicated. The demonstrations were practical, realistic, useful, and convincing. The training was outstanding with her high standards and academic proficiency.” -- Dennis E. Prothro

Our ACCELERATED PROGRAM FORMAT will enable you to complete your training

and certification process in three months. This is an INTERACTIVE PROGRAM as our

professional training emphasizes an educational and experiential strategy for success

presented exclusively in a seminar format as... SIX WEEK-END INTENSIVES.

WEEK-END INTENSIVES are taught in two-day blocks

on two-weekends a month for three months.

This three-month accelerated program includes 120 hours of: Lecture and

in-depth techniques, instruction, live demonstrations, mentored observation, with

lots of practice rehearsals supervised, and independent student study; all within a

comfortable, safe, supportive environment, plus individual coaching with your Certified Instructor.

 You  Will  Learn  Three  Levels  of  Expertise  in  the  Field  of  Hypnotism...


Our training is progressive and comprehensive in universal communication techniques.

This INTERACTIVE TRAINING unwraps the ancient mystery and modern science

of hypnosis. It is fascinating, informative, and empowering.  

We COACH YOU in several of the greatest holistic and therapeutic techniques,

styles, processes, methods used in the field, with a group of like-minded students,

at six week-end intensives for three months.

Learn the “BREAD AND BUTTER” of traditional hypnosis practices...

Stress Relief • Smoking Cessation • Weight Loss techniques that work.

Become skilled to help your clients with: Deep relaxation, build confidence, improve memory, overcome fears, manage pain, peak performance, and develop healthy relationships.

You will develop advanced professional skills for higher financial reward in a practical career and a bright future. The hypnotic techniques we teach you in our premium training course prepares you to be certified by one of the most prestigious global organizations in the field, the NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS.

Mind Spa Mentor provides preparatory hypnosis training, and has designed a (3)-Month Progressive Certification Program, for anyone interested in becoming a PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTIST. You will experience one of the most expansive preparatory programs in the country that will dramatically enhance your professional skills and expertise in mind/body communication. This highly specialized, innovative training is sophisticated, experiential, comprehensive, and masterful.


with other classmates

for more effective and successful results with clients

This fascinating, informative, and empowering training of complex topics with


comfortable performing your new skills and gain confidence in your ability to help

people have a personal breakthrough, make lasting changes, and achieve goal success.

Mind Spa Mentor™ offers an All-Inclusive Certification in three very distinct levels of professional expertise in the field of Hypnotism with our innovative program to provide you with the tools, master tips, practice, and confidence to open and build a thriving practice and satisfying career.

our innovative program gives you higher levels of core competencies

in the field of hypnotism that combines hypnosis with other leading

“self-development technologies” to create amazing effects that will

help you to master your hypnotherapy skills and increase your results.

We cover twelve of the most therapeutic hypnotic techniques and effective styles

of hypnosis:

Self-Hypnosis • Classic • Conversational • Electronic • NLP Programming

Hypno-Cognitive Coach • Hypno-Analysis • Medical • Cognitive-Behavioral

Transpersonal • Post-Hypnotic • Remote

your clients in achieving their desired goals.  

environment, and to actually do step-by-step incremental exercises to apply your new learning, with the guidance and support of your instructor. This will give you the confidence to proudly open your own business and build a thriving practice in the

hypnosis field -or- to bring your new skills into the work you currently do with your clients.

in the multi-media world of communications today on how-to market, establish,

and build a successful business.

self-development community now for over 30 years. Not only has she been taught by and she is colleagues with some of the best leaders in the

industry, she has owned a successful wellness center and profitable

hypnosis business for over twenty years.

 The  Possibilities  with  Hypnotherapy  are  Extraordinary!

Graduates of our Hypnotist Certification Course report that... Their business has expanded, their effectiveness has increased, and their life has improved – All because they now offer a new, powerful, unique approach in achieving multiple, sustainable, and duplicatable success!

Why People Choose the Mind Spa Mentor™  120-Hour Certification Course

instead of  -  a two-day class  -or-  a 350-hour class  -or-  a year-long program.

To get started...

     Simply call Patricia M. Armour to enroll in our Certified Hypnotist (CHt.) Training Program.

Register for Hypnosis Course

You will receive your “Hypnotist Tool Kit” containing all of the preparatory materials required for the coursework (valued at $325). Class size is limited. Early registration is recommended so you can guarantee your admission to our next training group and start learning all about hypnosis.

You will be meeting with your Certified Instructor and Mentor, Patricia M. Armour, and a group of like-minded students, for required training which includes lecture, demonstration, discussion, and practice.

WEEK-END INTENSIVES are taught in two-day blocks

on two week-ends a month for three months.

Once you complete your requirement for certification, you will be you will be eligible and prepared to take the NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS (NGH) certification exam, leading to graduation as a NGH Certified Hypnotist. Graduates of this professional training program will receive a one-year prepaid membership to the National Guild of Hypnotists, quarterly receipt of The Journal of Hypnotism and the NGH HYPNO-GRAM newsletter, many other resources. You are also qualified to join various national hypnosis organizations.




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Class size is limited for extensive expert training and supervised hands-on practice sessions to be held at Wellness Center in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Early registration is recommended.

Our Next Group begins in June, 2015


Three Months  •  Three Levels of Training  •  One Professional Course

Three Months  •  Three Levels of Training  •  One Professional Course

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