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My 3-Key Signature Mentoring System “Breakthrough Moments to Happiness” will be CUSTOM-DESIGNED FOR YOU Applying the “5-Great Powers of the Mind” with the insights, mindsets, techniques, how-to exercises,

and the specific focus and strategies within this “Stress Fitness” Coaching Program


This fitness coaching focuses on...

Shakespeare said,

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

What roles are you and your stress playing in your life drama?

        Is This Your Stressed-Out Lifestyle…

Awareness... in taking the right action can make an important difference in the quality

of your health, happiness, and successful lifestyle for self-satisfaction and well-being.

When you take this comprehensive assessment...

It accurately measures your stress levels.

You will discover your personality masks that reveal...

You will learn self-help techniques that

Give Your Mind… Spa Relief.

This mentoring program focuses on all areas of your life

for a balanced lifestyle.

and you are out of balance in the dimensions of your life

       Home – Career – Relationships –Health – Goals

You will enjoy true relaxation...

self-expression through focus, and the capacity to live fully without struggle.

detachment, and a mindful internal tranquility.

will result in personal peak performances, emotional joyfulness, physical

revitalization, and greater moments of success.

You will discover...

Together, we will co-design...

Your self-management wellness program that fits your lifestyle. You will receive

great benefits with all of these mind/body healing techniques customized specifically for you.

You will learn...

This is a 75-page self-help resource book...

developed for the State of Maryland, Department of Health and

Mental Hygiene – taught to a select groups of professional caregivers.

that you can implement immediately for a stress-easy

and balanced lifestyle.

This self-help resource book valued at $20 is absolutely FREE with your coaching program.

These exercises are designed to...

Activate your mind/body wisdom communication link

through a network of neuro-transmitters, neuro-receptors,

neuro peptides, and neuro-linguistics.

You will learn...

The ability to experience several mind/body healing exercises

for optimum relaxation, self-renewal, and well-being.

Just as everyone has a physical body, you also have a ‘subtle body’,

an invisible field of energy that holds all your drives, emotions, habits,

imprints, and potential, of all that you have had or will ever experience.

This vibrational healing energy field...

Actually transmutes energy from one level of consciousness to another

(spiritual to physical), distributing, aligning, and balancing the universal

life force that exists within all living things.

Think of the electricity running through your computer allowing your software

and hardware together to perform efficiently and effectively.

Your computer-like mind (software) and physical body (hardware) are interconnected

by the life force (energy system) flowing within you.

This mind/body communication exists when your senses are...

Evoked, heightened, stimulated, activated, and rejuvenated

on several cellular levels. Through...

You will learn...

Two essential steps in the mind/body healing process

  1. How to pay attention to and listen to these messages
  2. How to respond to them with a healthy attitude and positive outlook on life

This is the great link between your health and lifestyle.

This is a 45-minute guided relaxation meditation

developed and narrated by Patricia M. Armour.

This is a $25 program for stress relief is FREE with your coaching program.

Classical  Holistic Mind/Body  Environmental  Technological 50+ Techniques  for

When you feel stressed, it is telling you that something in your life needs to change...

The origin of stress can be biophysical, chemical, psychological, social, cultural,

or environmental. Anything can become stressful if it is strong enough, lasts long enough, and is repeated too often. This continuous stressful action weakens the immune system.

The ancient Chinese symbol for stress is both danger and opportunity...

The core of this stress fitness program and its healing wisdom empowers you in your own healing journey in the natural approach to living a vibrant and balanced lifestyle.

Together, we will explore the mind/body healing paradigm to assist you in your own self-help wellness program.

We will look at the five core components to be integrated in your personal program and show you the simple things you can do to activate, encourage, enjoy, sustain, and nurture your life.

  1. Mind – Your thoughts and skills
  2. Body – Your physical condition and nutrition
  3. Spirit – Your intention, desires and drive
  4. Soul – Your beliefs and emotions
  5. Lifestyle – Your behaviors, habits, and environment

Three key elements to this coaching model include...

improved health and well-being customized to your specific needs

The FOUNDATION of this very effective and empowering stress fitness coaching program include nine principles of well-being for...

    You will learn...

These nine mindful principles of well-being allows for greater awareness and connection to

your authentic self  in body-mind-spirit by being joyfully present in each moment of your life.


 Struggle with what causes them to feel stressed


Simply spell it backwards… d-e-s-s-e-r-t-s


Stress is not your enemy, it is your personal guard standing watch over you on the lookout post of symptoms and signals of distress, discomfort, and disease to warn you of pending danger or significant opportunity through the people, situations, habits, time and events in your daily life.


Your personal symptoms and patterns of stress are the traffic lights of your life letting you know when it’s time to slow down stop, rest, wait - or when it’s safe to move toward an opportunity into flow of the traffic of your life events.


Bio - Psycho - Social  Stress  Profile  •  Stress  Relief  •  Balanced  Living

Stress  and  Mind  Fitness  Coaching

The  Purpose  of  Stress

Nine  Mindful  Principles  of  Well-Being

Bio - Psycho - Social  Stress  Profile

Wheel  of  Alignment  Coaching  Model - Balance  and  Relaxation

Holistic  Healing  Exercises

Designing  Your  Self - Management  Wellness  Program - A  Stress  Fitness  Lifestyle

Five  Core  Components  to  Stress  Fitness  and  Your  Optimal  Wellness

Fifty  Ways  to  Leave  Your  Stress  by  Patricia  M.  Armour

Stress - to - Serenity  Meditation  CD

How  Do  You  Manage

the  Stress in  Your  Life?






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10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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