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“Negativity impacted my goals and my ability to succeed. In-depth analysis of values, goals, and motivation allowed me to peel back layers of myself. I better understand what is truly important to me... Now I can work on changing things to improve my life with a more positive outlook.”

—Karyn Z., Systems Analyst

“I gained courage to make the necessary changes in my life to become a more secure and happy person. I no longer fear rejection, my self-esteem has improved 100%... This was the most liberating experience of my life!”

—Lisa S., Law Enforcement Officer

“I gained insight into my relationship problems and personal issues of self-acceptance. Reducing my guilt and self-doubt, I feel better about myself. I developed an intense hopefulness... I can embrace the endless opportunities that life has to offer me.”

—John M., Postal Mail Carrier

“Low self-esteem and low self-confidence were crippling me in my career and relationships. Immediately, she helped me see how much value I have. I re-wrote my resume and got a boost  in self-confidence... I realized I needed help to clear out all the baggage I carry from my childhood.  I  had become depressed and withdrawn, pushing my friends and family away. For over a year now, Patricia Armour has been helping me clear out the

bad programming my brain received in my formative years. I always felt clueless about who I am. Now I feel

more defined. I could never have achieved that without Patricia Armour’s help.”  

—Donna C., Computer Specialist

“Everyday it seemed like I was sad and depressed, I had  job, weight, and relationship problems. The sessions with Patricia Armour helped me understand the root of my negativity. I began feeling better and I felt a lighter spirit came over me. I began to develop a greater intuition about situations and people. It feels like the sky opened and I’m in the light instead of the darkness. The situations, people and relationships that once bothered me no longer have a negative impact on me. I have been feeling emotionally free. I am still discovering myself and who I want to be. Meeting Patricia Armour and taking sessions with her changed my life.”

—Kimberly P., Registered Nurse

“Dealing with normal, everyday ‘life’ issues was very difficult for me. I would let ‘small’ issues consume my life with negativity. Realizing my mind needed re-adjustment, I called Dr. Patricia Armour, who was very honest and helpful. By going through her program, she has helped me succeed. I found my inner self, the person who was always there. I have more energy and confidence in everything I do. I feel I can handle any of life’s obstacles. Because of the way I am now living my life, people notice me, and most important, I am enjoying my life.”

—Heather B., Loan Processor

“Mind Spa Wellness has been a positive, needed resource in my life at at time when life handed me the blues and the blahs. Often a very positive, self-confident go-getter, I found myself to be lack-luster, sluggish, often fatigued, and without motivation. For a person who had so much to thankful for (a good education and a sound career),

I just could not and would not attempt to take steps forward in life. That’s when I made an appointment with Patricia Armour (making an appoint is the first really big step in healing). I instantly sensed warmth and kindness upon meeting her.  The coaching and hypnosis sessions she designed for me (breaking through doubts and indecisions) worked wonders. I left each session feeling better and stronger. The results were quick. After only five sessions, I felt as if my positive self-image, the old, confident, secure me had returned.

Her service is priceless!”

—Mary B., Educator

“I came to Patricia Armour for help with self-confidence. She helped me discover my priorities, open up new avenues of thinking, realize my potential of being who I want to be, and define more closely the direction I want to take. As a result, I now have self-confidence and am getting the things I want out of life. I would recommend her to anyone who feels they are not doing the most they can do, or becoming the best they can be.”

—Peter J. , Business Executive

Yes,  You  too,  Can  Master

The art of joyful living, the renewal of optimal well-being,

the satisfaction of success, and tap into universal wisdom.

All  through  the  Power  of  Your  Own  Mind!

“Before I started seeing Patricia, my life was a mess, and I hated who I was and what I had become. I have had depression for two years. I’ve tried many different Psychologists and medications, and was even admitted to Sheppard Pratt hospital. I lost all my friends. My hopes and dreams were all impossible. Also, never wanting to leave my house, I felt as if no one could help me. Within the first few sessions, my confidence and happiness began to build. Patricia gave me the strength to love myself and let others love me for who I am now. After eight sessions, I made the choice to move on and start a great new life. I met new friends and I can’t stop smiling. I never would have thought I could ever feel this good! This experience with Patricia has change my life around, and I am so excited for what’s in store in my future!”

—Brittany N., Student

“I felt stuck in my life. My outlook on life and my ability to change my life has drastically improved. I  made a commitment to be unstuck over a six week time period.  I have researched advancing my career with another job as well as looking into a graduate program. My biggest improvement has been in my outlook on life in general. I now know that my ability and my talents are limitless. I feel more confident about who I am and I am taking care of the necessary steps to improve my confidence and well-being. This program was a gift to myself and it will continue to pay benefits for years to come. ”

— Terrence M., Account Executive


“I  am  Getting  What  I  Want  Out  of  Life…”

“Self-Esteem  Improved  100% – Most  Liberating…”

“Gained  Hope,  Insight,  and  Self-Acceptance…”

“More  Confidence – Enjoy  My  Life  and  Everything  I  Do…”

“I  Felt  Clueless  about  Who  I  Am – Now  I  Feel  More  Defined…”

“I  Am  Emotionally  Free…”

“Discovered  Values,  Goals  Important  to  Me – More  Positive  Outlook  Now…”

“From  the  Blues  and  Blahs  to  Confident  and  Secure…”

“My  Life  was  a  Mess – I  Never  Thought  I  Could  Feel  this  Good…”

“Stuck  in  Life – I  Feel  More  Confident  in  Who  I  Am…”

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10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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