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“I smoked two packs of cigarettes for 26 years... I stopped smoking instantly with hypnosis... it was easy —

no stress, no strain, no withdrawal, no anxiety... It was as if I never smoked...”

— John G., Financial Executive

“I knew that smoking was bad for me, yet it was so difficult every time I tried to quit. No matter how hard I tried, the withdrawal symptoms always had me smoking cigarettes again! I hated the habit after awhile, but still was unable to get rid of it until I came to see Dr. Patricia. After only one session with Dr. Patricia, I completely stopped smoking cigarettes. The hypnosis helped me by reducing the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking.

I feel so much better and healthier now as a non-smoker. I feel completely at ease around others who smoke without any temptation. After my time at The Mind Spa, not only did I become a non-smoker but I’ve reached a whole new state of relaxation through meditation. This place placed a positive affect on my health for the future.”

— Chris M., Student, Artist

“I gave hypnosis a try because I was having a hard time quitting smoking, and I was starting to feel the affects

of smoking on my health. After my first session, I was able to stop smoking without experiencing the usual withdrawal symptoms I had in the past. I am now smoke-free and I already feel better about myself and my

health has improved.”

— Jerilyn B., Researcher

“My life was completely stressful. I could not quit smoking on my own -- going through a divorce and being a single parent. I smoked a pack and a half a day for five years. Seeing Dr. Patricia made me feel more relaxed, and I could handle my stress better. I did not reach for a cigarette!”  

— Kelly W., Office Clerk

“I smoke a pack a day for 30 years... I even had lung cancer. After one visit, I am now free of cigarettes,

without withdrawal.”

— Rose E.J., Retired

“At age 54, having smoked over a pack a day for 40 years, finally I have quit smoking completely, and I must add, almost effortlessly, without cravings or withdrawal...”

— Joseph H.B., Fire Figher

“I tried everything... large groups, the patch, drugs... they did not work. Hypnosis worked; I am a non-smoker.

I am healthier... this was the best thing I did for myself and my family.”

— Deborah R., Business Owener

“I’ve been a smoker for 31 years, one pack of cigarettes a day. I stopped for one year, then smoked one-half pack of cigarettes. I came three times for hypnosis. No stress, no strain, no withdrawal, and no anxiety. It makes my life more to live for just to know that I do not need cigarettes anymore. Now my lifestyle is a good one. I can taste my food without the smoke. This is good for me and my wife likes me more now for not smoking, and my house is smoke free.”

— William I., Truck Driver

“After living as a pack-a-day smoker for nearly twenty years, my experience with Dr. Armour has been overwhelmingly positive. Not simply a matter of putting smoking in the past, but discovering and focusing on positive physical and mental activities. It’s easy to defend the habit when you’re constantly told that smoker equals bad – there’s none of that here! Smoking is simply something that can be left behind, part of your history, not part of your daily life going forward. Now the close of each day is about unwinding -- not about “one last cigarette” before bed. Mornings begin with deep breathing – not reaching for that first nicotine fix.”

— Townes C., Direct Marketing Consultant

Yes,  You  too,  Can  Master

The art of joyful living, the renewal of optimal well-being,

the satisfaction of success, and tap into universal wisdom.

All  through  the  Power  of  Your  Own  Mind!

“I smoked over three packs a day for over 40 years... skeptical, having tried every means available...

twelve weeks ago, I smoked my last cigarette. I’ve not gained weight. My family and clients noticed no negative change in temperament... one hypnosis session did it.. PS: It’s been 8 1/2 years, and I still have never smoked another cigarette.”

— Bill C., Corporate President

“For the past several years, I have picked up the nasty habit of smoking, even though in my mind I was a non smoker. Growing up, I could have been a stop smoking advocate as much as I preached to my parents.

Guess what? When the stress elevated in my life through divorce, child custody, relocation, social pressure, etc.

I started to smoke. That was almost ten years ago. After several attempts to stop smoking, which included all the methods out there, including hypnosis. I have quit! Dr. Armour works with the subconscious problem leading up to the crutch and excuse of smoking. Stress and self-empowerment were my triggers, but not anymore.

The decision to quit smoking was the best and healthiest decision of my life. I can take deep, clean breaths of fresh air and the stress disappears and the self-confidence and self-empowerment elevates to an unbelievable level. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. Dr. Patricia Armour, you have a true gift! Thank You!”

— Tammy W., Radiology Assistant

“I enjoyed the care I received from Dr. Armour and her assistant, Nannette. They helped me gain self-confidence. Dr. Armour’s positive energy is “contagious” and she is very successful at hypnosis and “reprogramming” your subconscious. She really does help you with your goals! Expect results! After six sessions I quit a 20-year smoking habit. By session nine, I had lost 1 eleven inches and sixteen pounds. I also gave up caffeine. I am a non-smoker too! My relationships are better, I’m working out regularly and focusing on the right activities. My life is more harmonious after all these new changes. Thank You!”

— Loren B., Artist

“Dr. Armour has instilled in me the dangers of smoking. I have identified what causes me to smoke. She has increased my overall resolve and determination, which is something that I have never been able to accomplish before. The best part about Dr. Armour is that I never felt like a failure during my efforts! I have gained a great deal of confidence that now I can be a non-smoker – forever!”

—Raminta G., Software Engineer

“When I went to Dr. Patricia Armour about stop smoking, it was a great experience. I never thought I could stop smoking or at least cut down. After three times going to her, I realized that smoking was not hard to quit. I feel so much better. Now I know I don’t need to smoke. I feel more relaxed than ever before. Hypnosis is very safe and promising. I am glad I went to her. Thanks!”

— Zachary Q., Banquet Server

I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. From my first visit I stopped smoking during the daytime. Gradually I stopped smoking in more situations. After smoking for twenty years, I’m finally “kicking the habit.

— Barbara B., Accountant


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Stop  Smoking

“Forty  Year  Smoker  Stopped…”

“No  Side  Effects…”

“No  Cravings – Effortless…”

“Hypnosis  Worked  Best…”

“Free  From  Cigarettes  and  Stress…”

“Just  One  Session…”

“My  Health  Has  Improved…”

“I’m  Not  Tempted  By  Other  Smokers…”

“I’m  Smoke  Free  – No  Strain – No Anxiety…”

“Positive  Healthy  Routine…”

“Best  Health  Decision…”

“I’m  Smoke  Free – Lost  Pounds – No  Caffeine  Stress…”

“I  Never  Felt  Like  a  Failure…”

“Easy  Great  Experience…”

“I’m  Finally  Kicking  the  Habit…”

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