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I offer twelve of the most therapeutic hypnotic techniques, and effective styles of hypnosis added to your customized Hypno-Cognitive Coaching Program, which is the most powerful proactive format developed to support your success. I will combine and implement the appropriate hypnotic techniques that are most effective for your personality and goals.

This incorporates the atmosphere of a peaceful environment with the techniques of deep breathing, calm relaxation, quieting the mind, and focused visualization through personally repeating self-directed instruction to the subconscious mind for stress relief, motivation, reinforcement, and achievement of a specific goal.

This applies techniques of guided relaxation, direct and indirect suggestions, with guided imagery and visualization to eliminate self-destructive habits and self-limiting beliefs for stress reduction, improve memory, self-motivation, attitude for personal, academic, athletic performance to reach specific personal goals.

This applies techniques of indirect suggestion given by a person in authority, through direct alert conversation, without a traditional relaxation component, for positive paradigm shifts in thinking and new perspectives in living.

This incorporates a combination of light and sound therapies with external audio/visual stimuli by using audio tapes, video tapes, biofeedback equipment, and the hemi-sync technology of electronic brain wave entrainment devices designed for enhanced relaxation, mental stimulation, and specific training to accelerate, reinforce, and prolong personal results.

This applies techniques of analogies, metaphors, and strategic suggestions using client’s daydreams and imagination, interwoven with story-telling to reprogram the mind.

This applies breathing techniques with relaxation, suggestion, and visualization to stimulate self-healing and wellness without medication for pain control, enhanced immune system, and various medical conditions, procedures, surgery and recovery of illness.

This applies techniques of both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to accelerate change from negative self-talk into constructive thoughts, with positive affirmations and focused awareness on patterns of behavior into more positive actions, project positive self-image, higher self esteem and increased confidence.

This applies techniques of energy balancing with guided meditations, using both mythological and universal archetypes, and metaphorical and spiritual symbolism for heightened intuition, unlimited creativity, and spiritual insights-healing-inspiration for expanded consciousness, guided self-discovery, enlightenment, life-altering perspectives and profound experiences through the exploration of the super-conscious mind.

This applies techniques of delayed-action suggestions or subtle cues via visual, auditory, or kinesthetic triggers, that subliminally take effect after a hypnosis session to repeatedly stimulate and activate desired behavior into daily reality.

This is a customized hypnosis CD created and narrated by a professional HypnoCoach™. It is used as a self-help resource for support and reinforcement to help you breakthrough specific issues, habits or life patterns as an ongoing segment of a hypnotic coaching program.

This is a unique multi-faceted technique that applies and synchronizes mindful universal concepts in life coaching and positive psychology, with the vibrant  energy healing frequencies in mind/body holograms, and intra-personal communication through the powerful hypnotics of access meta-consciousness techniques that  instantaneously create life-altering shifts in awareness for greater quality of life and authentic happiness.

This applies techniques of regression uncovering hidden memories, negative emotions, and root cause of a condition or problem to analyze, re-evaluate, solve problems at a subconscious level of awareness.



Targeted Techniques…   Helping You Succeed… in Reaching Any Goal

TARGET #1: Self-Hypnosis

TARGET #9: Mindful Hypnotics™ Hypnosis

TARGET #2: Classic Hypnosis

TARGET #3: Conversational Hypnosis

TARGET #4: Cognitive Behavioral Hypnosis

TARGET #5: Hypno-Analysis

TARGET #6: Medical Hypnosis

TARGET #11: Electronic Hypnosis

TARGET #12: Remote Hypnosis

TARGET #10: Post-Hypnotic Hypnosis

TARGET #8: Transpersonal Hypnosis

TARGET #7: NLP Psychology

What Makes My Programs So POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL?

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Targeted Techniques to Help YOU Succeed



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10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

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