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“I enjoy people – talking, listening, learning, and sharing together – Brain-storming, guiding, teaching, challenging, and encouraging others, laughing with others, and being inspired by others.”

“To make a enlightened and positive difference in the empowerment of other people’s lives in their pursuit of wisdom, happiness, and success. I am dedicated to a universal philosophy of you becoming all that you desire and are capable of being.”

To reassure you in my desire and ability to help you improve your life, I will share with you my educational and professional journey and contribution in the Self-Help field of Human Development.

As a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Lifestyle Mentor-Coach, and Holistic Hypnotherapist:

I am contributing to the lives of people like you with high standards, who appreciate the ethics of the finest, with recognizable quality programs designed to complement your style of living, and to enhance, enrich, enlighten, and empower your life.

Here, you will find an overview of my professional expertise, experience, and background.

Colleagues and Peers Who...

Utilize her hypnotic services, products, and resources:

 All Praise Patricia Armour!

Her programs have widespread acceptance, endorsed by

business and community organizations, recommended by healthcare professionals, and sponsored by professional associations and the media

talk-show broadcasting industry.

As a Mentor-Coach

“Knowing Patricia Armour for close to fifteen years, I have found her to be an excellent therapist and role-model, serving her clients with skill, experience and professionalism. She brings to her work an eclectic repertoire of modalities and keen insight. Patricia Armour is caring, responsive, and attentive to the needs and concerns of her clients. She takes time to attend also to her own personal and professional growth. Having conducted our ASAT Holistic Health Counselor Certification Course

at her clinic, Lifestyle Management Resources, I was impressed by the facility’s air of serenity, and extensive source of knowledge, reference library, and developmental tools.”

Dr. Martin Hart, President,

American Society of

Alternative Therapists

As a Leader and Role Model

“Your loving, healing presence lights up all whom have the honor of knowing and enjoying the love light you share. Focus the limitless light of your spirit, continue to light up the world, and allow the joy of your being to permeate and pervade all. Hypnotically yours – friend, fan, and colleague.”

John Cerbone,

Certified Clinical Hypnosis Instructor

and Master Hypnotist

As a Hypnotist’s Trainer

“As a professional trainer, having been

in the field for the past 30 years, and having trained with the world’s foremost trainers, I can recognize training of the highest quality, and Patricia’s Seminars are exceptional. Truly, I believe that I can make the following statement…

No trainer has more heart and passion for her work than does Patricia Armour. Her sincerity, integrity, skill and strong desire for sharing with her students is evident. Her training is unparalleled in the field. She teaches her programs in a down-to-earth manner, making even the most complex techniques, easy to understand and perform.

Patricia Armour is truly a Professional’s Train the Trainer status.”

Todd Hauter, Director, Institute Cognitive Behavioral Sciences

Self-Hypnosis Audio CD’s

“The soft hypnotic cadence of Patricia Armour’s voice, back-dropped by endlessly relaxing melody makes The Mind Spa Traveler™ tapes and CD’s probably the best of its kind.

Side 1: Hypnotically eases you away from the day’s reality to sheer bliss, while her guiding suggestions fill your spirit with confidence and energy.

Side 2: Teaches self-affirmation, and how to guide your own destiny by filling your mind with positive affirmations through healing relaxation.

You can search everywhere, but you won’t find better self-help hypnosis

tapes anywhere!”

Norman H. Posner, President Emeritus,

Mid-Atlantic Hypnotist

As a Self-Help Columnist

“Patricia Armour has resurrected the

lost art of writing, as a direct path to

the soul. Her rhythmic, but direct writing style naturally leads the reader to explore the techniques best suited to them. The result is a nexus of synergistic techniques that helps us approach our hidden feelings from any angle.

Although not everyone can take advantage of Patricia Armour's private therapy sessions, her articles on unlocking the soul, to helping people unlock their hidden potential, are the next best thing. In just a few short pages, Patricia Armour outlines self-help strategies that give the reader powerful, but simple methods for putting their lives into fast forward. Her style is subtle, yet direct, as its disarming rhythm cuts through the reader’s doubts and defenses so that the point gets through. Patricia Armour provides a myriad of techniques that can unlock the secret doors to our subconscious that provide that direct connection to the soul. Her insights clearly illuminate the reader’s path — like a laser beam — Patricia Armour beams her help, advice and wisdom directly into the heart and soul

of the reader.”

Jeffrey J.,

Electronic Biomedical Engineer

As a Stress Management Specialist

“As a small business owner, I have worked non-stop seven days a week for the past two years, out of touch with the many roadblocks to my success. This stress management program taught me how to clear my mind of unwanted, busy, confused, and stressful thoughts, and find rest and peacefulness each day. I now have a better understanding of what stress is and how it affects my mind and body, my health, and my professional job performance.”

Randolph L. Fulton, CEO, Kerrand Corp., American Credit Association

As a Trainer to Caregivers

“The training was beyond excellent, it was outstanding! The course was well organized, interactive, relaxing, and fun, with a variety of practical exercises. Manuals added clarity to the topics and techniques. Patricia Armour was very thorough and comprehensive in sharing her depth of experience. She offered stress assessments, presented so many therapeutic techniques, options, and resources. I enjoyed it enormously.”

Alison Carter, Program Coordinator

State of Maryland,

Dept. of Mental Hygiene Administration

As a Talk-Radio Guest Expert

"People are constantly in search of new ways to handle old, lingering problems, both on the home front and at work. During multiple guest appearances on

my live radio talk show — it was obvious from the reaction to our conversations that my listeners found your subject matter informative and beneficial.

It seems that your knowledge, strategies, and method of treatment is helping many people. You should be proud of your efforts. I hope you will find time to return as a guest on my show in the near future.”

Eddie Applefeld, WLG Radio Host

Meet-Up at Wellness Center

“The Mind Spa Wellness Institute is the place in Baltimore to network! If you are a holistic professional who wants an

ideal place to meet others of like mind and expand his/her own contacts, consciousness, and client base, this is it. Patricia Armour has created a magnificently warm, friendly, supportive environment that is welcoming to all.

The Mind Spa Wellness Institute is a holistic center that is available for practitioners to meet and network,

to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. Patricia Armour is intuitive and very creative, and she has designed a delightful center that invites you to come to visit, explore, and utilize the many services available in whatever ways fit best for you.”

Dr. Elizabeth H. Lonnes,

Transforming You Center

Mindful Wisdom Spirituality

“There comes a time in everyone’s life when we search for more out of our existence. All my life I’ve searched for answers through my work, psychology, astrology, religion, even music to get a feeling of purpose to my life.

The sequences of our time here on earth have always fascinated me -- one’s life journey, soul evolvement, and what it all means.

Patricia Armour was recommended to me by my colleagues... praising her abilities, credentials, etc. Her patience, intuitive awareness, wisdom, guidance, and sixth sense goes way beyond any title or degree she has earned.

After searching many avenues for this higher truth, Patricia led me to an awareness level that truly cleared a

path for a better understanding and appreciation of my whole life, with a renewed vision for my future.

I found this to be a spiritual awakening and profoundly transforming experience.”

Maurice Darmon,

Medical Lab Owner

Patricia M. Armour is the founder of a wellness center. She has maintained a private “counseling and hypnosis” practice with over 30 years experience in client success, mentoring others in self-empowerment by to improve the quality of their life, relationships, and decisions, integrating practical lifestyle management resources. She encourages others to unleash their potential by teaching them how to utilize the powers of the subconscious mind.

She has perfected her craft over 25 years of having successfully coached and hypnotized several thousand individuals in private, one-on-one, customized sessions to achieve personal and professional success! She has trained other caregivers, professionals and practitioners to utilize the same powerful techniques to compliment their current vocation in how they help others to elicit goal-oriented success.

Patricia Armour is the founder of Lifestyle Management Resources™ (1989), and the Mind Spa Wellness Institute™ (1993), a hypnosis and wellness center; which is housed in a modern brick professional office building conveniently located in Baltimore County, Owings Mills, Maryland, locally serving the metropolitan Baltimore, MD–Washington, DC corridor and all the surrounding counties in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware.

Patricia M. Armour has developed and conducted professional training and certification courses for caregivers since 1991 that are university and hospital sponsored, and internationally recognized.

Patricia Armour was featured in Trade Journals:

Patricia M. Armour has been a Published Author as a Contributing Writer and Magazine Columnist since 1982. Her articles and columns have appeared in regional magazines,

trade journals, corporate newsletters, and self-help reference books.

She currently writes two unique monthly self-help columns:

1. Her monthly self-help column, Soul Centered™, has appeared in the Health Quest Newspaper since its inception in 1999, a wellness newspaper that covers a blend of Western holistic medicine, exploring ageless wisdom of Eastern traditions toward complementary healing, well-being.

2. Her monthly self-help Internet E-Column,

The Lotus Garden™. It is a thought-provoking and life-enhancing

quest in mindful living, with a novel blend of philosophical, psychological, holistic, and spiritual topics in wisdom consciousness based on the universal laws of mind, spirit, and life.

As a Narrator and Communications Specialist in Mindful Concepts, Patricia M. Armour has developed a self-renewal, motivational, and transformational system with a series of

audio CD’s and MP3’s created, scripted, and narrated by her. An interactive multi-media and

multi-dimensional format for self-improvement, wellness, and personal transformation.

A portable system as your Virtual Mind Spa™ on the Go for joyful, mindful living.

      • Mind Spa Traveler™ Series – Guided Meditations, Self-Hypnosis in mastery, healthy living

      • Minding Your Spirit™ Series – Conversational Wisdom for empowerment, enlightenment

      • Mindful Messages Mindset™ Series – Supreme Self-Talk, affirmation for purposeful living

After years of research, extensive analysis, and practical experience, Patricia M. Armour developed and conducted holistic training programs in Stress Management and the Prevention of Burnout for Professional Caregivers who serve the elderly, homeless and AIDS population at hospitals, nursing homes, and associations. She also authored a Caregiver’s Companion Self-Help Reference Manual entitled “Stress Management for Effective Living.”

Patricia Armour created a Bio-Psycho-Social Personality Stress Profile that measures individual stress levels and coping skills, and determines which self-help stress management techniques fit one’s personality and lifestyle. She published a self-help stress book entitled, “50 Ways to Leave Your Stress” with stress-easy lifestyle strategies to design your own wellness program.

She is a respected and recognized authority in Stress Management by the State of Maryland, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene since 1993, and by the Institute of Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences since 1996. She was featured in the cover story on “Stress Strategies” in Baltimore Magazine highlighting her relaxation methods and self-hypnosis tapes.

Dept. Of Health and Mental Hygiene

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and University

National Guild of Hypnotists








School of Continuing Studies in Health Care

As an industry leader, Patricia M. Armour was selected to be a Delegate and Presenter at the premiere Hypnotherapy Conference in the People’s Republic of China, co-sponsored by

USA Citizens Ambassador Program, the World Health Organization,

and the Chinese Association of Science and Technology.

By request, Patricia M. Armour appeared on...

PBS television, the Wisdom Channel, cable shows, and talk radio.

American Seminar Leaders Association












Show Host Speaker






As a health and human services professional, and a practicing Psychotherapist

and Life Coach, Patricia M. Armour holds a

From Lincoln University in Oxford, PA

There are Numerous Professional Advanced Speciality Certifications since the 1970’s:

Reiki, Feng Shui, and Access Consciousness modality

All training is focused on the field of Human Development and Holistic Self-Help Modalities with specialized training in Communications, Stress, Mentor-Coaching, and Hypnosis:

Institute of Transformational Studies

As a practicing Master NLP Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor

with the National Guild of Hypnotists...

and hypnotic coaching.

Patricia M. Armour has been taught by and she is now colleagues with some of

the best leaders in the wellness community and the communications industry.

Over thirty years, she has been a contributing member in several organizations,

where she received her professional training:

Wellness Caregiver

NLP Hypnotherapist


Stress Specialist



National Trainer

Self-Help Columnist

Transpersonal  Psychotherapist

Mindful Concepts™

Mentor-Coach in


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