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Our Services are in Baltimore, Maryland and Surrounding Areas in Maryland

Mentor  Coaching  •  Hypnosis  •  Mindfulness  •  Meditation  •  Training



10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

Patricia M. Armour:  410 - 356 - 3377



Lifestyle  Resources • Training  Room • Meet-Up Events • Transpersonal  Library

Lifestyle  Resources • Training  Room • Information  Networking  Center • Transpersonal  Library

My Wellness Center and Training Institute

is housed in a modern brick professional office building with a large, well-lit parking lot.

Our ground floor suite with large double doors makes for easy and private access for all individuals.

CENTRAL OFFICE LOCATION... “Circle of Convenience”

For Local Clients: Our Owings Mills office is conveniently located on Reisterstown Road,

off the I-695 Baltimore Beltway. Because of our central location in the metropolitan area,

from your neighborhood to our office – Travel time typically takes only 15-30 minutes.

For Out-of-Town Clients: We are conveniently located in the Metropolitan Baltimore / Washington D.C. Corridor and Surrounding

Counties of Maryland. Multiple restaurants, hotels, movie complex, gas stations, and shopping mall are quickly nearby.

We are easily accessible from: Delaware, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington DC Region.

Travel time usually takes only 45-60 minutes.

Tranquil Setting for Relaxation and

Mentor-Coaching... “ Spa Relief for the Mind”

This quiet and peaceful setting contains two therapy rooms for private one-on-one sessions, and a relaxation spa for self-improvement and wellness. You will completely enjoy your visits with total comfort that allows you to relax your body and quiet your busy mind. You will experience calm and serenely confident feelings with our mind expansion hemi-sync technology that automatically creates harmonious thinking, allows positive paradigm shifts in attitude for success, increases your imagination in subconscious creative solutions, and improves your mind/body sensory communication for health and well-being.

Mind Fitness Spa Training Room

Our meditation/training room is equipped with comfortable seating, adjustable lighting, climate controlled environment, and all the necessary training tools for easy, state-of-the-art learning. It is ideal for meet-ups, group meditation, and week-end training intensives.

Information Networking Center

Connect with an elite group of professionals, trainers, and experts. Profile yourself and your professional skills at our success-oriented network center.

Transpersonal Reading Library

Relax • Read • Reflect • Renew -- A personal Invitation to the Initiation of your all-powerful mind.

Open a book and you open your mind to true stories of life about the body, mind, spirit, and soul. Read from hundreds of books filled with expert knowledge, actual experiences, and factual Information that ignites your magical imagination, and other dimensions of the mind.

It awakens your innate intuition, a wisdom which guides your life journey to courageously act upon your creative inspiration to discover new possibilities of being, and bring to life memories from the mystical inception of your soul, and a sense of your life purpose, the gateway to your ultimate destination of profound Illumination... a true self-empowerment all through the evolution of the infinite mind.

Tour an extensive collection of Patricia M. Armour’s exclusive published newspaper and magazine articles, and over 2,200 books, tapes, and CD’s on: Self-Management • Self-Mastery • Self-Actualization.