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Holistic Self-Help Tools Empower You to make the right decisions, and personal breakthrough moments for a positive lifestyle. You will enjoy these “Portable Ready-to-Use Programs” for

Busy Lifestyles on practical and transformational topics.

Timeless, universal wisdom, soothing beautiful music, picturesque guided imagery, success-focused suggestions, life-enhancing messages, mindful motivational meditations, healing vibrations, powerful affirmations, and inspirational teachings from the Great Universal Laws of Life.

Peace of mind and well-being are only moments away. Yes, relaxing and informative, yet inspirational and rewarding. Give Your Mind... Spa Serenity!

There is no longer any need for an expensive trip to escape the stressors of life... This is Better!

A Portable System to guide you in your daily lifestyle within the Spa of your Infinite Mind

as you listen, learn and unleash innate secret powers of meditative, motivational, and mindful Journeys in Consciousness for Wisdom, Happiness, and Success.

“The ultimate creative capacity of the brain may be, for all practical purposes, Infinite.”

– Michael Hutchison, Author Mega Brain Power

A Spiritual - Holistic Self-Help Philosophy, based on two concepts that...

  1. Enlightenment is Universal
  2. Wisdom, Happiness, and Success beats within Every Heart

Which introduces you to the “I AM” Method... Interactive, Multi-Dimensional Programs for well-being, self-improvement, and personal transformation. This aural series integrates new technology with multi-media, computer-generated, digitally-produced recordings... CD’s – MP3’s – DVD’s – Podcasts – Tele-Seminars

This Personal Spa System is designed and created for your Conscious and Unconscious Listening with your complete mind, in-depth Feeling though your entire body, Envisioning within your wise mind’s eye, and Uplifting the spirit of your whole being... So that you will make a positive, practical, and profound impact on your life.

This Virtual Mind Spa Audio/Video Series will change your life forever!

This is a uniquely different experience for any two people because the Spa of your Infinite Mind is Created by Your Own Consciousness. Experience life with a powerful new perspective on your personal life philosophy, patterns and purpose, simply by opening, expanding, and strengthening your brilliant mind.

Every time you use this Mobile Multi-Purpose Audio/Video Series to enter the Spa of your Infinite Mind, your experience will be familiar, yet unique, calming, inspirational, and beneficial.

The Spa of your Infinite Mind engages in self-induced exercises of awareness to access natural states of mind-opening, mind-focusing, mind-expanding, mind fitness, mindfulness, and peace of mind.

Self-Mastery... It is your capacity to Relax • Heal • Achieve • Excel • Evolve.

Patricia M. Armour, a transpersonal therapist, designed, scripted, and narrated all programs. As your personal guide, she will open up new perspectives and points of view, new channels of information, intuition, intention, imagination, and illumination in your quest for a balanced, simple, and elegant lifestyle. You can create a new reality and instill a passion for living, become your best self, and realize your ideal life.

Patricia M. Armour’s provocative, inspirational voice will enchant the senses, captivate the mind, and transport you on an amazing mind-altering, emotionally-enriching, life-changing event... As she guides you on a memorable and magnificent journey of thought that will empower you to your renew values, beliefs, dreams as a pathway to awaken your destiny... With success, joyfulness, wellness, and peace of mind as your ultimate destination.

Absolutely Visionary!

The Spa of your Infinite Mind does for your mind and soul what a resort spa does for your body...

Private, healing, inspiriting nurturing... The Spa of your Infinite Mind is your private resort, a Virtual Sanctuary to explore pathways to your greatest potential and fulfillment.

Virtual specialists, guardians, healers, experts, coaches, mentors share information, techniques, insights, resources, and support for optimal harmony in body, mind and spirit.

Yes, You can Quiet your Busy Mind...

Listen within and Learn how-to... Relax, Heal, Achieve, Excel, and Evolve.

Suddenly, You feel the anticipation that Something Wonderful is going to happen,

Now... that you listened to that special voice deep within your heart.

More than a feeling, it is healing...

As you notice that you are already resonating to a calmer, harmonious state of mind!

Anywhere – Any time – At Any Age... You’ll be able to instantaneously and dramatically improve the quality of your life...

Easily, quickly, and naturally because it’s your private virtual mind spa sanctuary.

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You will truly experience… A Life-Enhancing, Spiritually-Uplifting, Profoundly Healing, Emotionally-Enriching, Thought-Provoking, and Self-Empowering Adventure!

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“The Mind is a Miraculous Gift…

For through the Mind, One can touch All

Levels of One’s own Soul, the Sacred Self,

and experience Oneness with the Universe.”

    – Patricia M. Armour

Soul-Centered Columnist and Self-Help Mentor-Coach