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This is the holistic blending of hypnotic and neuro-linguistic tools with personal coaching skills to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible — more easily, quickly, and effectively than traditional personal coaching or basic hypnosis alone.

Beyond personal coaching and basic hypnosis, Hypno-Cognitive Coaching™ is a powerfully proactive format that adds an extra turbo-charged advantage by helping you tap into the power of your mind to achieve your desired outcomes and become your personal best.

Any emotional attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, and fears that may have been an obstacle to your success in the past are now easily released with the dynamic method of Hypno-Cognitive Coaching.™

I offer individual Customized Hypnosis Program Sessions in 20 different categories of the 57 of most popular topics and reasons people use hypnosis to reach their goals.

There are Three Essential Keys will dramatically accelerate the degree and the effectiveness your success — because the three essential keys to Hypnotic Coaching is:

The methods of Hypno-Cognitive Coaching™ incorporate the use of 100% of your mind... conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious states of mind to help you to transfix, translate, transcend, transform, and transpire your dreams into your reality.

Keys to the successful use or hypnosis is belief, expectation, imagination, feelization, motivation, and receptivity to suggestion.

I offer Twelve of the Most Therapeutic Hypnotic Techniques, and effective styles of hypnosis added to your Customized Hypno-Cognitive Coaching™ Program, which is the most powerful proactive format developed to support your success.

I will emphasize and implement the appropriate hypnotic techniques that are most effective for your personality and goals.

Truth is in the eye of the beholder. It is perceptual. Repeatedly, you see examples of

self-fulfilling prophecy. Experiences match your beliefs and expectations.

Knowing how the mind works is invaluable. Knowing the “rules” or “Great Mental Laws” are based on the study of mind. The Great Laws of Mind are the principles by which the mind seems to work.

It is intra-personal communication - the human personality’s powers of memory, reason, intuition, and imagination, and the natural laws of consciousness that govern all of life and the universe in a holographic framework and models of reality.

Hypno-Cognitive Coaching™ is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to be more positive, more proactive, more confident, and more fulfilled, to achieve more in their personal and professional life, and truly realize your greatest dreams.

Many people don’t want therapy, but they appreciate an advocate who listens, supports, motivates, enlightens, and inspires them, and keeps them focused, attuned, and on track moving forward with clarity of purpose... easily, naturally, effectively.

Many of my Hypno-Cognitive Coaching™ Clients have been people going through major life changes:


Many others are just people who “want it all” – they want to be happy, healthy, and successful in

all areas of their life. Perhaps you, too, are ready to make it happen on purpose.


  1. Self-Confidence
  2. Self-Esteem
  3. Relax, Stress Relief
  4. Peace of Mind
  5. Stop Smoking
  6. Weight Control
  7. Change Habits
  8. Memory, Test Anxiety
  9. Positive Attitude
  10. Personal Breakthrough
  11. Love and Relationships
  12. Overcome a Break-up
  13. Sexuality Intimacy
  14. Sexual Performance
  15.  Communication Skills
  16. Social Anxiety
  17. Mid-Life Issues
  18. Anger Conflict
  19. Motivation, Success
  20. Joy and Happiness
  21. Financial Freedom
  22. Career Success
  23. Workaholic
  24. Overachiever
  25. Leadership Skills
  26. Procrastination
  27. Boredom
  28. Clutter, Disorganized
  29. Scattered Focus
  30. Overwhelm
  31. Burnout
  32. Mood Swings
  33. Sadness
  34. Addictions
  35. Obsessive
  36. Anxiety, Worry
  37. Fears, Phobia, Panic
  38. Abuse, Trauma
  39. Problem-Solving
  40. Talent, Creativity
  41. Stage Performance
  42. Win-at-Sports
  43. Anti-Aging and Fitness
  44. Sleep and Insomnia
  45. Pain Relief and Control
  46. Illness, Recovery
  47. Mind/Body Healing
  48. Making Right Decisions
  49. Life Purpose
  50. Live Your Core Values
  51. Imagination
  52. Intuition
  53. Past Life Regression
  54. Spirituality
  55. Mind Expansion
  56. Access Consciousness
  57. Self-Talk for Success


"I have over 25 years of client success in working with a vast array of issues and goals.

I can help you be successful

with your goals. All hypnosis programs are one-to-one sessions, customized to your specific needs."

– Patricia M. Armour


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