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Patricia M. Armour shares her personal path to enlightenment with you – covering a synthesis of philosophical, psychological, holistic, metaphysical, and spiritual traditions, with a blend of ancient mysticism, soul-centered wisdom, new millennium mysteries, and the great universal laws of mind, plus breakthroughs from the “New Thought Leaders and Meta-Consciousness Movement” in the personal growth community.  

These universal concepts in meta-consciousness (heightened awareness), is a passageway to your self-evolution. It beckons you to be your best self and teaches you how to experience self-awareness, self-understanding, self-mastery, self-expression, and self-realization. Patricia Armour’s profound insights take you on an intricate, evolutionary, and invaluable journey.

Come with me into the light, the light of awareness... the message circle of life, an evolutionary sacred spiral of consciousness, with this heartfelt invitation to your own intuitive and conscious illumination, inspiration, initiation, and integration of eternal wisdom that ignites your passionate presence, profound powers, magical imagination, and vision into the infinite possibilities of being... to mindfully manifest and consciously live by the universal truths and spiritual laws that exist within the timeless essence of life itself... for greater understanding and expansiveness in self-awareness, self-management, self-mastery, self-empowerment, and self-actualization.

This initiated my personal journey of a single thought to empowerment... My romance with enlightenment explores and embraces a synthesis of perspectives from a collection of the great religions, cultures, and literature of the world, mystical texts and traditions, myths and mystery schools of consciousness, the humanities in creativity, and personal wisdom experiences to engage the sacred self on a soul-centered journey through life.

At the age of four, I had an unforgettable mystical experience... so vivid that it filled my heart, opened my intuitive mind, and touched all my senses into the dimensions beyond of space and time, because it awakened my spirit, and forever influenced my life journey. Since that moment, I had a deep fascination and yearning for a great spiritual connection and true spiritual understanding, and communion, to experience and share the wisdom and joy of life. At that very moment, I felt a love in my heart and at one with all life.

So begins my quest... to know my sacred self, the meaning and purpose of life, to honor my soul, and seek my personal destiny. That same year, I would eagerly go to the nearest church and just bask in the the aromatic and loving atmosphere of unconditional love. At the age of five, I asked my mother for a “Book on God” for my birthday present. When I opened my first spiritual book entitled “God”, I saw a picture of a starlit night sky, and I said with wonder and glee, “Look, that’s God,” as I instantaneously had a renewed knowingness of the soul energy and sacred consciousness of life itself.

“I just want to compliment you on your wonderful articles in the Baltimore Health Quest. Very good stuff — very good for the soul! We all need to take a look at these things a little more often. I appreciated it very much. Thanks.”

—Tom S., Behavioral Revisions Health Systems

“I often read your column and articles in the newspaper.

What an inspiring and wonderful contribution you are!”

—Claudia H., Psychiatrist

“Dr. Patricia Armour has resurrected the lost art of writing, as a direct path to the soul. Her rhythmic, but direct writing style naturally leads the reader to explore the techniques best suited to them. The result is a nexus of synergistic techniques that helps us approach our hidden feelings from any angle. Although not everyone can take advantage of Dr. Armour's private therapy sessions, her articles on unlocking the soul, to helping people unlock their hidden potential, are the next best thing. In just a few short pages, Dr. Armour outlines self-help strategies that give the reader powerful, but simple methods for putting their lives into fast forward. Her style is subtle, yet direct, as its disarming rhythm cuts through the reader’s doubts and defenses so that the point gets through. Dr. Armour provides a myriad of techniques that can unlock the secret doors to our subconscious that provide that direct connection to the soul. Her insights clearly illuminate the reader’s path — like a laser beam — Dr. Patricia Armour beams her help, advice and wisdom directly into the heart and soul of the reader.”

—Jeffrey J., Scientist, Electronic Biomedical Engineer

“Your monthly articles in the Baltimore Health Quest are full of an institution determined to love and serve the wellness of mind empowering, healing achievement that is taken to the next level. The appreciation month-to-month is a legacy of genuine advice written with dynamic integrity of high skills and uncompromising ethical standards. Thank you for the mental/spiritual healing obtained from each topic that you write, revealing definitions that unfold the complexity of compassion, love, dignity, and undisputed source for most recognized wellness.”

—Darlene P., Psychotherapist

“As a health professional, I thought it would be difficult to teach me something new in the field, but I found myself open to new possibilities of thinking. I found this to be spiritually uplifting.”

—Danielle M., Therapist

“There comes a time in everyone’s life when we search for more out of our existence. All my life I’ve searched for answers through my work, psychology, astrology, religion, even music to get a feeling of purpose to my life. The sequences of our time here on earth have always fascinated me -- one’s life journey, soul evolvement, and what it all means. Patricia Armour was recommended to me by my colleagues... praising her abilities, credentials, etc. Her patience, intuitive awareness, wisdom, guidance, and sixth sense goes way beyond any title or degree she has earned. After searching many avenues for this higher truth, Patricia led me to an awareness level that truly cleared a path for a better understanding and appreciation of my whole life, with a renewed vision for my future. I found this to be a spiritual awakening and profoundly transforming experience.”

—Maurice D., Medical Lab Owner

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A  Hallmark  Treasury  of  Knowledge • Experience • Insight…

Prelude  by  Patricia  M.  Armour  

A  True  Story…

Quotes  from  Readers – Inspiring and Transformational…

This  is  Thought-Provoking  Articles  that  can  Empower  Anyone!

As a published author, contributing writer, and magazine self-help columnist, Patricia Armour now presents to you a mind-expanding, holographic perspective of life that initiates profound dimensions in enlightenment with self-help wisdom for joyful living and self-empowerment directly from her self-help newspaper column entitled “Soul Centered” which was published in the Health Quest Newspaper since its inception in 1999, a wellness newspaper that covers a blend of Western holistic medicine, exploring ageless wisdom of Eastern traditions toward complementary healing, and well-being. Patricia offers answers to 100’s of questions that ring true, to give you new dimensions of inspiration and understanding.

You are a vital and integral part of all humanity. Based on the philosophy that enlightenment is universal, you are invited to become illuminated by Patricia Armour’s inspirational teachings.

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