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With This Practical Lifestyle System...  

You will learn how to use the secret powers of your own mind to...

Conquer any fear, Master any skill, Heal any condition,

Improve any situation, Accomplish any goal,

Realize any dream, and Manifest endless abundance,

health, harmony, success, and happiness.

NOW... that you are ready to take the first step for positive change and

create an amazing life for yourself,  CALL Patricia Armour for a FREE

15-minute phone session to start your customized program to

access, activate, and accelerate the five great powers of your mind today.

“When you actively and fully engage your whole being

in each wondrous state of awareness,

you are in a focus-centered state of mind,

where you can embrace your own natural power

to realize the full potential of your true self."

This is how you access your Original Capacity and Natural Ability to...


The SOLUTION to your issues and your goals is in your FOCUS.

Your power is to UNLOCK that inner WISDOM within yourself, as we help you

generate the energy and insight that is necessary to then follow-through

on the information you will be gaining access to BREAKTHROUGH to SUCCESS.

How well you handle your conscious awareness is the KEY to unlock mind power secrets.

YOU are your only and true GURU...

It’s really up to you to make these changes in your life. You need to develop the

power of your mind with right thoughts and emotions in alignment with your desire

to achieve, then let your mind power drive you on the path to success. You will learn

how-to EFFORTLESSLY tap into these five powerful states of awareness

– Your NATURAL states of being –

Your Mind Power is the Answer to Personal and Universal Awareness...

It gives you the ability to instantaneously communicate with your unconscious mind

and heart-centered, soul life force to access the internal liberating qualities of

EXCELLENCE and ENLIGHTENMENT, so you can experience personal transformation,

wisdom, and self-appreciation.

Change Your Perspective...

If YOU wish to change YOUR LIFE, you must begin by changing your your focus,

changing your concepts about yourself and changing your concepts about your life.

When you master your thoughts, you strengthen your mind power.

This is how you will experience a greater sense of accomplishment,

achieve enduring success, and enjoy lasting happiness.

Excellence - Achievement - Transformation

Mind Fitness • Mind Expansion • Peace of Mind

Core Concepts for Success:

A powerful, sharp, brilliant, high-performance mind is not measured by how logical, factual, knowledgeable or smart you are, rather by how attuned, awakened, and aware you are to the fullness of your life and reality of the moment. The power of your mind has Greatness within the realms of Mind Fitness, Mind Expansion, and Peace of Mind, which can and will change the direction and quality of your life, with meaningful success.

Three Key Self-Help Steps:

From years of research and practical experience, this innovative system was developed with three easy, yet effective Self-Help Steps synchronized to Access, Activate, and Accelerate the full power of whole brain awareness:  (conscious, sub-conscious, super-conscious thinking)


Focus and Transformation:

Your mind has great capacity for change. Change your Mind – Change your Life – Change your Future. You can truly transform yourself and the quality of life when you engage in a heart-centered focus with whole brain thinking by concentrating your mind’s full power like a laser beam of awareness.

Five Great Powers:

I, Patricia M. Armour developed my Mind Spa Mentor 3-Key System “Breakthrough Moments to Happiness” that strategically engages and utilizes, stimulates and strengthens, the five great powers of the mind. When you simply focus, balance and align these five great powers, you can achieve positive, profound changes, and control your destiny.

You can become your Greatest Self:

When you focus on your intention while being present with your inner self, you align all the powers of whole brain thinking to support you in achieving the things you want to achieve in your life. If you want more out of life… Learn to master your thoughts now… Take the Journey of a single thought to Empowerment with my Mind Mastery 3-Key Signature Mentoring System.

Everyone knows that any IMPROVEMENT you can make in the raw power, speed, focus, and efficiency of your mind,

will EMPOWER you to capture wealth, health, happiness and everything you desire...

EASIER and FASTER than you ever thought possible... Until NOW! 

IMAGINE... What it feels like if you can unleash the hidden genius inside you and boost your mental power to...

IMAGINE... What it would be like if you can take complete control of every aspect of your life...

Your Mind is the Seat of your Intelligence and the Source of your Emotions.

So it controls your entire life. Isn't it amazing that you actually can completely eliminate the self-doubt, the negative

self-talk, the fear and judgments and “voices” in your head that are holding you back from reaching your full potential

simply with Mind Power Secrets?


Unleash  Your  Hidden  Genius  to  Reach  Your  Full  Potential

Natural  Laws  of  Mind  –and–  Great  Laws  of  the  Universe

The  Five  Great  Powers  of  the  Mind  are…

Your  Natural  Innate  Powers  of  AWARENESS




Your  Five  Natural,  Most  Powerful  States  of   Awareness  are  Experienced as…

What  If…

I  can  show  you  how  to  focus  your  own  thoughts,  energy,

and  resources  to  create  the  life  changes  you  so  desire  to  make?

Believing  •  Feeling  •  Remembering  •  Imagining  •  Knowing

Relax  •  Heal  •  Achieve  •  Excel  •  Evolve


#1:  The Great  Power  of  BELIEF

#2:  The Great  Power  of  Thoughtful  FEELINGS

#3:  The Great  Power  of  REMEMBERING

#4:  The Great  Power  of  EXPANDED  AWARENESS

#5:  The Great  Power  of  INSPIRED  AWARENESS

How  to  Access  Your  Mind  Power

Use  the  Power  of   Your  Mind   

The  Mind  Spa  Mentor  3-Key Signature  System

Practical, Purposeful, and Meaningful Success

You  Will  Gain  Mastery  

Over  Five  Laws  of  the  Mind

This  is  How  YOUR  LIFE  Can  Literally  Be  Transformed…

Call   Patricia   at   410 –  356  –  3377

To  Reach  Your  Full  Potential  

Call  Patricia  Today  at…  410 – 356 – 3377

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Mind Spa Wellness

10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

The Great Laws of Mind are the Principles or Rules

by which the Mind Communicates and Functions

1.  The Mind Can Only Hold One Thought at a Time

You cannot have a positive and negative thought or emotion at the same time because one will always rule over the other; e.g.: you cannot think defeat and be victorious. Your life is a reflection of one thought at a time, like a digital snapshot of your present moment awareness.

2.  What You Think is What You Get

Thought precedes reality. Each of us creates our own life path with our beliefs, ideas, and a habit of thought. When you change your thoughts, you change your life.

3.  Mind-Set is a Matter of Choice

The events that occur in our lives are purely neutral, until we have decided whether or not they are good or bad, which determines how we choose to respond in any given situation.

4.  Imagination is More Powerful than Knowledge

You can alter, amend, or delete an old idea that is no longer in alignment with who you are and what you want through the power of your imagination, e.g.: knowledge and skill vs. fear and hope.

5.  What is Expected Tends to be Realized

If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. “Believing is Seeing” is called the Law of Expectancy. When you expect good things to happen, you will tend to draw them to you, also known as the Law of Attraction.

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To unleash the veiled hidden power of your whole mind and unconscious self,

you need to be aware of how mind power works.

To start with, mind power is the way you reckon and relate;

it’s your current state of awareness...  



An Individual State of Mind…

Every human being is the exact CENTER of his or her own life and the way we think and feel has a direct and all-encompassing and all-powerful influence upon the way in which we interact with others, our environment, and the world. We see our environment not as it is, but as we are – so all life is experienced as a subjective point-of-view and self-centered reality, which is known as the…

Natural Law of Perception.

A Universal Frame of Mind...

Your conscious and unconscious mind is

designed to act, react, and respond in only

one time period.


Everything your mind does and everything it

can do, it does immediately; it does NOW.

Your mind exists and functions in what is

known as the…

Universal Law of the Eternal Present.   

The  Mind  Spa  Mentor  Teaches  You

Five  Ways  You  Can  Transform  Your  Life…


Align  the  5–Great  Powers  of  the  Mind

“My  Core  Concepts  for  Success”


My  3–Key  Signature  Mentoring  System

“Breakthrough  Moments  to  Happiness”




Use Mind Spa Mentor 3-Key Signature System

CALL  Patricia  Today  at…  410 – 356 – 3377

You are a THINKER

You are a TEACHER

You are a HEALER

You are a CREATOR

You are a MENTOR

Patricia M. Armour teaches you…

Through the power of Belief, how to review and renew your values and dreams to increase self-esteem, and reinforce a Positive Attitude in your future. How-to still the mind and Focus on unabridged thoughts as this will free your mind of illusions, encourage clear insights, true self-knowledge, and self-understanding, into a complete, Positive Belief in Yourself.

You  will  Learn  How–To  Succeed  Using  the  Power  of  BELIEF

You  will  Learn  How–To  Succeed  Using  the  Power  of  FEELINGS

Patricia M. Armour teaches you…

How-to make the Best Decisions about what you feel and do – consistent with who you are and what you want to achieve in life, as your life experiences are your teacher. How-to cope with Emotional Experiences and environmental influences in the quality of your thoughts to breakthrough to success.

Patricia M. Armour teaches you…

Mind/Body Self-Healing techniques that will change your self-limiting habits and thoughts into a Mind-Set for Success. You will change your Patterns of Awareness from  “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” into “This is the most important thing I’ve ever done for myself.” The power in every moment as an opportunity in awareness to Heal and Change Each Unwanted Habit into a living pattern of determination and personal freedom.

You  will  Learn  How–To  Succeed  Using  the  Power  of  MEMORY

You  will  Learn  How–To  Succeed  Using  the  Power  of  


Patricia M. Armour teaches you…

How-to Define your Life Purpose, and Overcome your

Fear of Failure, Let go of Attachments, become aware of personal changes that will support and bring your life purpose to fruition. How-to become Focused and Centered through intuition, imagination, and higher-self awareness to Live your Life on Purpose, with a greater sense of self.  

You  will  Learn  How–To  Succeed  Using  the  Power  of  


Patricia M. Armour teaches you…

How-to allow the Integrity of your Vision to guide you to follow through to self-actualization by trusting all your internal senses to achieve fulfillment on all levels of your life, as you gain Heart-Centered Clarity and certainty of what is right and best for you. It’s a spiritual knowingness of your own power and capacity for creating happiness and success. You will transform your life from Inspiration to Manifestation of your goals.

You  Will  Gain  Mastery  

Over  Three  Qualities  of  Living

“Core  Concepts  for  Success”


“Breakthrough  Moments  to  Happiness”