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Do you wake up every morning

100% fulfilled...

with every fiber of your being,

and inspired to the depths of your soul...

that you are enjoying

the best possible life

you can make for yourself?

Of course, it is not a surprise that 99% of people would answer “No” Because we all have issues:

– Unfinished Goals –

Relationship, Personal, Professional Dreams that are not

resolved or realized yet.

New doors of

opportunity open,

and new ideas come alive.

You shift from

a world of limitations


a world of personal liberation


fulfilling future possibilities

that Anyone can imagine!

This ultimately changes the

direction and destiny of your life.

Which Way to Turn?

SECRET...  Every Successful Person Has a Mentor-Coach!

A Mentor-Coach Helps with All Aspects and Stages of Life

Mind Fitness • Mind Expansion • Peace of Mind

A Mentor-Coach is your personal expert skilled in helping you to...

You deserve to have a skilled expert – someone who is dedicated to you and your health, happiness, and success,

“Our talks were terrific. Thanks for your insight. When I say ‘TRANSCENDENT,’ to be calm,

connected, in touch – It’s so wonderful. I experienced an ‘AHA MOMENT’ when discovered within myself

what I wanted to know. Then, I easily accomplished what I needed to do. Thank-you. I’m very happy.

It was really great coaching – quite frankly! I  enjoyed our time together.”   – Helen B. , Business Professional

 Sometimes you just need someone who can guide, motivate, and support you...

 Someone who can empower you to overcome personal challenges, make the right  decisions, and realize your fullest potential...

 Someone as an advocate who listens, strategizes, and compels you to stay focused,  attuned, and on track with certainty, and clarity of purpose.

 Mentor-Coaching is for people who are ready to create an enhanced, enriched, enjoyable,  empowered life for themselves.

 A Mentor-Coach is...

 More than a Friend – Better than a Consultant – Beyond a Therapist.

 Mentor-Coaching is an empowering relationship that guides you into being more of who you  really  are in mind-body-spirit; your authentic best self to live your ideal life.


“I could fill a library with the self-help books I’ve bought over the years. I didn’t get a fraction of the improvement from those books that I got from working with Patricia Armour, my Mentor-Coach! Without her wisdom and dedication, I don’t know what I would have done this past year.”

“I realized I needed help to clear out all the baggage. Low self-esteem and low self-confidence were crippling me in my career and relationships. Immediately, she helped me see how much value I have, and I got a boost in my self-confidence. I always felt clueless about who I am. Now, I feel more defined. I could never have achieved that without Patricia Armour’s help.”  

– Donna C., Computer Specialist  


Love and relationships, communication and personal development,

career and prosperity, home, harmony and wellness, enjoyment and spirituality.



More  than  a  Friend  •  Better  than  a  Consultant  •  Beyond  a  Therapist

The  True  Universal  Nature  of  Life  is  to  Achieve  Happiness

The  Answers  You  Seek…  Are  Already  Within  You

Together,  with  a  Mentor – Coach…

You  Can  Improve  the  Life  You’re  Living

and learn how to take the journey of a single thought to  Empowerment  •  Enlightenment  •  Excellence

Get Your own Mentor-Coach Today, CALL  PATRICIA  at  410 – 356 – 3377

You  Can  Absolutely  Improve  the  Life  You’re  Living…

A  Mentor - Coach  Will  Absolutely  Help  You  with  All  Areas  of  Your  Life…

Become  the  Next  Person  to  Succeed…

Mentor – Coach  is  the  Combined  Power  of…

Customized  Self - Help  Books,  Videos,  Seminars,  and  CD’s  BROUGHT  TO  LIFE!




Now  Ask  Yourself…

“What  Challenges  Your  Happiness?”

As  You  Begin to  Ask

These  Questions…

Let  me  ask  you  this  one

     very  important question…

Do  you  know  the

     most  typical answer?

Find Out How…

You Can Elevate

Your Lifestyle

Happiness Profile!

What kind of life have you dreamed of living?

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Mind Spa Wellness

10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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To experience your own “aha” moments, CALL  Patricia  at  410 – 356 – 3377

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410 – 356 – 3377

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