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It is the basic principles of knowing oneself -- the relationship between the soul personality and the human personality, and the creative principles of life.

Each person has a vision or life purpose -- each soul has a mission or destiny. The power of intention, the law of attraction, and the path of self-mastery govern the soul’s personality and purpose. The power and personality of the soul is love. This is expressed as an inner sense of how the soul wants to function in the world to bring about the highest good.

When you are in touch with your own true inner power, you possess a pearlescent radiance,

an authentic presence, and a quality of loving-kindness.

Like “pearls of wisdom,” it is your ability to live in the world in satisfying and fulfilling ways,

with authenticity and wholeness. The journey of personal empowerment, greater meaning, and fulfillment

in everyday living encourages you to cultivate, align, translate, and transform your “Pearls” of inner wisdom

into daily practice. Activating and integrating the spiritual laws of inner power by transforming your soul life into

your daily living affects personal codes of conduct, which is the way you move through the world.

Responsibility is the ability to respond to your inner self with empowering personal codes of conduct:

These are demonstrated by your behaviors, patterns of habit, and actions.

The alignment of inner wisdom with outward actions with global events allows you to achieve a better quality of life.

This adds new dimension to one’s experiences of life, to be at peace with oneself and the world.

A five-point philosophy into my state-of-the-art coaching programs to elevate you toward ultimate happiness and optimal success.

  1. A Holographic Perspective of Reality
  2. Universal Laws of Life, Mind, and Spirit
  3. Motivating Core Values Creation
  4. Codes of Authenticity and Integrity
  5. Present Moment Awareness  

Knowing how the mind works is invaluable! Truth, as scientific studies show, is in the eye of the beholder. It is perceptual. Repeatedly, you see examples of self-fulfilling prophecy, because your life experiences match your beliefs and expectations.

The Universal Laws of Mind are the rules or principles by which the mind seems to work.

It is intra-personal communication – The ability to understand and effectively utilize the human personality’s powers of memory, reason, intuition, and imagination, for optimal benefit in creating your desired outcomes.

You can make the most of your life when you learn how the human personality works, examine the

seat of ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and the various states of consciousness for effective living.

Knowing the Rules of Intra-Personal Communication or Laws of Consciousness is:

The study of the mind, and all relative functioning principles and methods found in physics, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and metaphysics, focusing on the common factors in all teachings, dedicated to the exploration and understanding of human consciousness.

The natural laws of consciousness

govern all of life and the universe

within a holographic framework

and models of reality.

It embraces a synthesis of perspectives of philosophical, psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, and holistic teachings and traditions -- blending ancient mysticism, soul-centered wisdom, and new millennium mysteries. This is the perspective of wholeness in understanding life, as the expression suggests,

“There is the truth, and then there is the whole truth, to be known.”

The focus within a holographic perspective of life is to understand how universal truths, also known as the natural universal laws of life affects you, in:

Which govern all of life and the universe, with endless possibilities of being and models of reality.

The three keys to a holographic focus of the natural universal laws of life are:

1.  the principles by which the mind communicates and functions

2.  the foundation for endless models and possibilities of reality

3.  the wisdom of one’s soul, and universal truths of spirit

Like a hologram that has the whole in each one of its parts,

so does each cell contain the consciousness of the whole of your being.

The biggest over-riding concepts and life principles that are of the highest

personal importance to you as an individual, are known as your core values.

They are not your highest ideals, rather they are the unspoken ultimate compelling

driving force throughout your life that inspires, motivates, and propels you toward

the seven degrees of happiness of what will make your life most fulfilling.

Staying true to your core values is an act of self-respect and self-fidelity

by recognizing and honoring the authenticity of your heart and soul.

These personal core values intrinsically become your instinctive,

intuitive, and internal motives and guiding lights to

who you really are, what you really want, and what will make

your life most fulfilling.

It represents the principles by which you conduct and devote your life, and the kind of life force

or personal presence you want to manifest to the world through your core values and beliefs.

It is the natural capacity of consciously observing self and your own experience of life in a detached, non-judgmental, and accepting way, fully within moment-to-moment awareness,

to become more in touch with your life, as it is unfolding.

Life happens in the present moment. There is no time out from life; no dress rehearsal, therefore every single moment is significant. Because the past has already gone, and the future has not yet arrived,

your true power is now, in the present moment.

As a holistic model in self-awareness, the key components of mindfulness allow you to see your thoughts in a new way, speak in the language of authenticity, and experience your own passionate presence.

This is a heightened step in consciousness beyond positive thinking and possibility thinking

to balanced thinking. The practice of present moment awareness is not a special state of trance;

it is a workable model of daily focus in balanced thinking, being, and living.

Joy is in the journey, not the outcome, because it is a matter of living, day-to-day,

moment-by-moment. At this very moment, you have all the tools you need to make

meaningful, inspiring, and joyous life choices.

Personal moment awareness gives you greater choices, as it opens the

gateway to flexibility, synchronicity, and creativity, for the spontaneous

fulfillment of desire.

An essential key to harmonious living is balanced thinking and the resonance of deep

personal gratitude. Present moment awareness is a vital path to creating enlightenment,

freedom, and fulfillment by tapping into the power and aliveness of the present moment

toward peace, self-realization, and joyful celebration of life.



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