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“The ability to delve into our problems, with the power of persuasion, understanding, communication,

Dr. Patricia helped us to help ourselves to develop a lifestyle that in itself is the solution to our problems. Renewing our commitment with a second honeymoon, we have a more wholesome and healthy relationship now.”

—Michael and Dixie G.

“Due to sexual disinterest coupled with a physical condition... for the past five years, we only averaged sex 4 to 5 times a year... after several sessions and suggestions, we went from almost no sex to at least 1 to 2 times per week... a huge improvement!”

—Michelle P., Business Owner

“I thought I needed to be in a relationship to be happy with marriage and children as the obvious next step.

What I really needed was self-respect, self-worth... Being my own best friend, loving myself is the most wonderful revelation. A relationship is the furthest thing in my life... I can go on, and not miss a piece of fulfillment...

I am enough!”

—Shelley L., Heathcare

“Trying to be somebody I wasn’t for someone who wanted to change me: not accepting my physical looks, family, friends, religion, or lifestyle... jealous angry, unsupportive, controlling, and abusive. Now I am being true to myself, realize my self-worth, and my own value. Now I have more joy than I’ve ever known with someone who loves me unconditionally.”  

—Shelley L., Sales Representative

“I was never able to achieve orgasm throughout my adult sexual life. I broke through my barriers that stopped

me from letting go, and I was able to have orgasms with my partner. I no longer feel unsatisfied, angry, or frustrated... and my partner no longer feels guilty about ‘coming’ during sex. I now lead a fulfilling sex life.”

—LaShaune F.

“We were completely out of sync... emotionally and physically. Patricia removed the frustration and embarrassment, with guidance and insight, led to new exciting ways of relating... We show more love, appreciation, desire, passion, and intimacy. Our sex life is as satisfying as our romantic life is fulfilling.

We reclaimed our love for each other resulting in new heights of sexual pleasure... it save our relationship!”

—Annie M., Court Stenographer

“Stuck in the destructive pattern of involving myself with abusive relationships and difficulty letting go of past loves... I now understand my personal power, my inner qualities, and a stronger sense of who I am. I am attracting new love, happy relationship.. appreciated for who I am.”

—Jeannette  C., Loan Specialist

“I put past hurts and loves behind me, opened new doors to new possibilities, and reshaped my future. Dr. Patricia gave me the strength and support I needed to let go, move on, see my own self-worth. I now feel free to be me, express myself without fear of judgment. The right person did come into my life... my lifetime soul mate. Thank-you for believing in me.”

Shelley L., Mother

“After thirty years of marriage, letting my sexual interests go unchecked led to numerous affairs, problems with infidelity and sexual addiction... I nearly destroyed a wonderful wife and good marriage. Seeing my inner conflicts and how to stabilize my behavior, I’ve overcome my thoughtless patterns of betrayal. Guidance and compassion, I rediscovered my love for my wife... we communicate better, and we have more fun together daily.”

—Thomas M., Educator

Yes,  You  too,  Can  Master

The art of joyful living, the renewal of optimal well-being,

the satisfaction of success, and tap into universal wisdom.

All  through  the  Power  of  Your  Own  Mind!

“I lost emotional feelings of love and sexual desire for my partner. Dr. Patricia helped us to put that zing back with heightened levels of intimacy. Now we have a renewed and enhanced relationship with deeper levels of love, intimacy, enjoyment, and security in each other.”

—Brenda W., Insurance Proposal Administrator

“Suffering through a tragic experience and losing someone else again... I can handle it better, actually function at work and home... even speak and laugh about the experience and that person with friends and family members without falling apart every day.”

—Angel T.,

“It was fate that we found Dr. Patricia. We were truly in need of making a wise decision of staying together or ending our 23-year relationship and 17-year marriage. Dr. Patricia took us back to what attracted us in the

very beginning. We found that the right time to rekindle our love was now... we are loving, and appreciating

each other, not like it was, but like it is! We will be forever grateful to her for helping us help ourselves.

The results were better than our expectations, joyous success is ours.”

—Andrea J., Jewelry Designer and Robert J., Building Inspector

“I felt confused, misunderstood, and alone. I kept my true sexuality hidden. Coaching and guidance helped me understand my sexuality. Honest with myself, no longer ashamed, I gained the courage to reveal my true sexual nature. Relieved and free, I discovered a world of people with the same kind of sexual drive, desire, and lifestyle as me... I truly felt accepted and connected to others for the first time in my life.”

—Mike H., Analyst


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Love • Sex • Romance

“Romantic  Zing – Sexual  Desire  Enhanced…”

“Wholesome  Lifestyle  Led  to  Second  Honeymoon…”

“Passion  and  Pleasure  Saved  Our  Relationship…”

“Destructive  Patterns – Let  Go  of  the  Past  and  Attracted  New  Love…”

“Abusive  Trauma – Now  I  Am  Loved  Unconditionally…”

“Sexual  Dysfunction – Now  Orgasms…”

“Lonely  for  Love – Now  I  Am  Enough…”

“Greater  Performance – Five  Times  a  Year  to  Twice  a  Month…”

“Let  Go  of  My  Past – Met  My  Soul-Mate…”

“Overcome  Sexual  Betrayal  and  Addiction…”

“Overcame  Tragic  Grief  of  a  Loved  One…”

“No  Divorce – Rekindled  and  Appreciate  Our  Love…”

“No  Longer  Ashamed – My  Sexual  Identity  Revealed…”

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10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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