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“I love the outdoors and nature. However, several years ago I had a traumatic life-threatening experience on a boat that made me afraid to be alone. Five years of my life was lost because I had great fear of having a heart attack and developed related physical symptoms. I went to may doctors and spent thousands of dollars tying to fine out what was wrong. The doctors found nothing! They told me I was having anxiety-panic attacks . They

gave me medicine, but it did not work; it made it worse. It got so bad that I was in fear all the time. I stopped doing the things I like to do. I was afraid of taking a walk in the woods, afraid of fishing, driving a car, going out to the store, and even holding a job – just afraid of being in public places. I was a prisoner in my own home! Then I called Patricia Armour, and my life started to change immediately. Now, I can do the things I used to do once again. I have a great job and I just got promoted. I just got promoted. I don’t mind being alone, nor in public places. The fear is gone – and it happened right away! Within two weeks of coming to Mind Spa Wellness, through the use of hypnosis and guided imagery, I don’t have anxiety-panic attacks anymore. I have my life back! It feels great! I feel stronger, both emotionally and physically. I fee safe! Best of all, I can take walks in the woods again and enjoy nature. Thank-you for changing my life.”  

— Dana L., Engineer

“I had a medical problem that created anxiety and phobia of not breathing. Now I am able to calm myself faster and make episodes shorter and less anxious. I was not focused on how to relax to eliminate some of my anxieties. Now I visualize and tell myself I can get through the problem. I was not taking time to relax and concentrate on myself getting better, but now I am setting aside time to make myself better.”

— Laura, S.,  Public Relations

“My son, Chris, has a phobia of getting sick, especially throwing-up. Through sessions with Patricia, he has learned to work through these times of anxiety for him. He has learned to work at imaging perceptions in his

mind and learned he is in more control. I thank Patricia for helping him get through this difficult time for him.”

— Chris’s Mom, Bookkeeper

“Zak is now 12½ years old. Up until we came to see Dr. Armour, Zakory was a prison in our house during the spring, summer, and fall because of his fear of bees. When Zak awas about six years old, my husband and Zak were on a tractor out in our field and they ran over a ground bees nest that attacked, stung and chased them.

Zak became very fearful of bees to the point of just shear panic whenever something (anything) flew around him. This, in turn, had a trickle-down effect on his personality, making him less confident and angry and verbally abusive and just being very needy, thinking he just “can’t” do anything! Well, this year 2011, has been a tremendous breakthrough with our visits to Dr Patricia Armour. Each week since the end of April, Zak can now go outside and play during”daylight” hours. He goes swimming, fishing, goes out to our barn and help us, and doesn’t want to just go out at sunset when we’re ready for bed. Zak’s confidence has picked-up to try new things that he wouldn’t do before. He’s cooking things on his own and turning off his T.V. at night now to sleep where he has had to keep it on all night for years because of his fear. Zak has learned different steps to use from

Dr. Armour to get through his anxious times if there is a bee around him, to make it to his goal. Zak is learning how to control his anger better now and is apologetic if he does lose his temper.We are very grateful for finding Dr. Patricia Armour and giving Zak back his life! Zak is in middle school, and he hopes to be an E.M.T. When

he gets older.”  

— Vickie G., Mom of Zakory

“At first I would feel anxious when I was around people. I was not confident around anybody. After seeing Patricia Armour, I feel more confident and find it easier to talk to people. I am no longer afraid of confrontation. There is a significant change in my social life!”

— Dpnald W.,

“When I came to Patricia, I had a little over a week left to prepare for my NCIEX  Registered Nurse exam for the third time. I was at a very low point trying everything possible to help me relax and decrease my test anxiety, which was incredibly high. I was completely ‘stressed out’! All I could think of is what I was going to do when I fail this exam again! I had no confidence in myself. After a week with Patricia, and the hypnotherapy sessions,

I felt completely transformed . I was finally able to study, being relaxed and feeling confident about my answers.

I felt that my mind was so clear. My anxiety was gone and I was feeling very positive about taking the test! Patricia helped me to relax and I learned many techniques that helped me to recall the correct answers I had stored away. I left every session feeling absolutely wonderful about myself, my test, and life! A week later I took the test and passed it! It was amazing! I have so much to thank Patricia for – not only did this help me with my

test anxiety, but with my confidence, self-esteem, and all the daily obstacles in life! I now lead a fuller life and do not let little things bother me like I used to! I can really let go and feel good about myself. I think everyone needs to try hypnotherapy – it was the most incredible experience for me. Thank-you, thank-you Patricia. Life is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for believing in me and giving me that positive energy I needed. You really made

me think I passed the test even before I took it and that was an incredible feeling! The last two sessions were very emotional experiences – they touched me in such a powerful way! I will never forget all you have done for me. Thanks.   ”

— Suzanne G., Registered Nurse

“I have suffered from anxiety panic attacks on-and-off for about 25 years. My heart would feel like it was going to beat out of my chest,. I would lie awake at night sweating and feeling at times like I had little electric shocks going through my body. I have taken medication and seen many therapists through the years. I have been so depressed at times that I’ve had suicidal thoughts! After one session with Dr. Armour, I started to feel better. I felt at peace with myself and have begun to look at the world differently. I have come to rely on my inner being and feel as if a heaviness had been removed. My husband has noticed the difference and is encouraged to see me smiling and laughing again. I feel younger and happier and have positive thoughts. Dr. Armour has given me confidence in myself knowing that I can create within myself a feeling of tranquility, peace, and love. I am so glad I took the steps necessary to seek Dr. Armour’s guidance and healing. Since I have been seeing Dr. Armour, I no longer suffer night terrors or worrying about getting night terrors. I get up in the morning feeling rested and refreshed. I actually get a ‘good night’s sleep’. My husband has commented that I came downstairs in the morning with a smile on my face eager to face the new day.”

— Cynthia S.,

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“After I quit drinking my life turned upside-down. I became very depressed. I stayed in my room for seven moths, and I stopped going out completely. I barely talked to anyone during that time. Eventually I checked myself into Johns Hopkins hospital for depression. I was put on different types of anti-depressants and anxiety pills. I started to feel better and I started to go out again, but by that time I had developed terrible social anxiety from not leaving the house or going out for seven months. I felt nervous everywhere that I went. I was too nervous to talk to people that I had known my whole life. I couldn’t go out by myself anymore. It became so bad that I came close to fainting every time I went out. I lost a lot of friends, and I lost all my confidence. My therapist put me on every type of anxiety/social anxiety medicine available. I tried four different types of pills, but nothing helped. When I first came to Patricia Armour, I had severe social anxiety. After only four months of hypnosis with coaching, I started to feel different. I felt like my old self again. I started going out with friends. I felt comfortable talking to people, and I felt comfortable leaving my own house. Now after four months, I no longer suffer from social anxiety I am a much happier person.”

—Kerri W.,  

“When I first came to see Patricia Armour, I was full of fears, doubts, worries and concerns. I was having extreme panic attacks and was going to leave my family. I doubted that I loved them. After seeing Patricia Armour for a few months, I hung in there through the panic attacks and stress. I realized that there are many forms of love and that my expectations of my feelings were too high. I also have developed a deeper faith in myself as well as in God. I now have no panic attacks,minimal stress, and am learning to think positive and create success and strengthen my relationships and have gained self-esteem – and to think that I was ready to give up on life!

I highly recommend Patricia Armour. Now I have a brand new lease on life and am enjoying living for once.

I cannot say enough about it.”

— Brenda W.,  Insurance Proposal Administrator

“I was a big sissy over the cicadas. I would come home from working (indoors at that) on the verge of tears.

After a week of feeling this way and beating myself up mentally (such a sill fear in my mind), I decided that I needed help. I was very skeptical at first, but also in a mental position that I couldn’t be judgmental. All I can

say is I’m dumbfounded! Since that first session, I have found humor in the insect world, and that was my phobia. When a cicada lands on my arm, I just laugh and flick it off of me. Always remember, knowledge is power.”

— Kathy P, Produce Clerk

“I have traveling anxiety. My job requires that  I travel. Overwhelmed and Claustrophobic, I try to avoid certain modes of travel, e.g.: planes, trains, busses, tunnels, and being rushed in crowds. For the first time in 15 years,

I actually drove through the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City. Now I find myself actually feeling fresh, calm,

free, and ready for an adventure.”

— Elizabeth R., PR Specialist

“Since working with Dr. Patricia Armour, I have ben able to get myself more relaxed. I’ve been able to go places with my family and actually enjoy them, whereas before I was very uptight and resisting everything. I have been able to focus on the positive and reinforce good feelings rather than dwelling on the negative feelings. I have enjoyed my time with Dr. Armour and would recommend her to friends. In the past, I would be driving somewhere with my husband and feel panicky and have to turn around and go home. But now, I can go the mall or a fair where there are crowds and even if I start to feel anxious, I can get through it very quickly and stay at the event or place and have a good time and very very proud of myself for getting through it. This was accomplished in only four sessions. ”

— Suzanne L., Insurance CSR

“I started out feeling very anxious, with panic attacks. Afraid of illness and disease. I was so afraid of dying that I was not living. I had a surgery to face and I was able to be calm through it. I was in a bad car accident in June and I was able to stay clam and let the paramedics help me. I’ve given myself permission to heal and relax. I’ve given myself permission to see my circumstances in a positive way. I am willing to not contend with life, but

accept it. I am looking forward for the beauty in everything around me. I was very frustrated with my husband and wanted to blame him for my unhappiness. I now see him with new eyes. I love him and am expressing to him

in positive ways how thankful I am for all he does for me. I no longer blame him for my choices and beliefs. I am facing my fears. I am taking responsibility for myself. I am evaluating want I want in life. I am choosing to relax and smile and breath away the tension. This was the first step for me to do something for myself. I am giving myself permission to look for solutions for myself, so that I too can find peace, joy, happiness. It is okay to take care of me and my mind. It is time for me to be my own best friend, to support myself and not turn my back on myself. I can rely on me. I can stop attacking myself with negative name-calling. I am doing what I can for now and I desire to love and accept myself so others can too.”

— Maria M., Sales Rep.


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“I  No  Longer  Suffer  From  Night  Terrors – Rested,  Refreshed,  I’m  Smiling  and  Laughing…”

“I  Had  Traveling  Anxiety – Now  Ready  for  an  Adventure…”

“Full  of  Fears,  I  was  Read  to  Give  Up  on  Life – Now  I  Am  Enjoying  Living…”

“Sheer  Panic  and  Fearful  of  Bees – Can’t  Do  Anything – Now Confidence  to Try  New  Things…”

“My  Test  Anxiety  was  Incredibly  High – I  Passed  It - I  Lead  a  Fuller  Life…”

“I  Felt  Nervous  Everywhere  I  Went – I  No  Longer  Suffer  From  Social  Anxiety…”

“Afraid  of  Dying – Now  I  Am  Taking  Care  of  Myself…”

“Fear  of  Bugs  on  the  Verge  of  Tears – Now  I  Laugh  and  Flick  It  Off…”

“Agoraphobic  Panicky  Feelings  to  Enjoying  Going  Places  with  My  Family…”

“Fear  of  Being  Sick  to  Being  in  More  Control…”

“Phobia  of  Not  Breathing – Now  I  Am  Able  to  Calm  Myself  and  Relax…”

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