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This Success Formula is the Next Great Breakthrough in Self-Help for Personal Development. One breakthrough system that uses the combined triple power of… positive psychology, subconscious communication, and universal philosophy.

These success techniques are so powerful, filled with profound insights, and such remarkable results that it created the foundations to my life success, and the abundant success of everyone with whom I’ve shared it.

I use these techniques daily to enlighten and empower myself and other people. Many of my clients are people who are going through life changes, challenges, and choices, who are using these Mind Mastery techniques to access, activate, and accelerate their own mind power to conquer their challenges when nothing else worked, and unleash their greatness to accomplish the goals and dreams of a lifetime.




Excellence • Achievement • Transformation


Stretch  Your  Mind • Unleash  Your  Creativity  

Sharpen  Your  Skills • Maximize Your Potential

Welcome to a uniquely successful method of achieving your important goals and dreams. The Mind Spa Mentor System was originated by Patricia M. Armour. She has coached thousands of people in private one-to-one sessions, and they achieved meaningful success in all areas of life! Now she has significantly updated and expanded her tools, techniques, and strategies of her Mind Mastery Signature System into a very unique fast-track, cutting edge, self-help Success Formula for vibrant self-empowerment.


The Mind Spa Mentor System is an empowering method proven to be highly successful and satisfying to people who have applied her information, knowledge, strategies, and techniques to their daily lives.

You will learn and experience first-hand… the vital information, proven scientific principles, universal laws of mind, and transformational techniques that will enhance your ability to experience total success, that you can and will apply to your daily life immediately to attain your goals.


Everything we do together, and every step of your personal Mentor-Coaching program has a specific focus and purpose toward your goal success that shifts you from Intention -to- Transformation, which is Your “IT” Factor.

Your Success Formula… is a profoundly powerful step-by-step Self-Help System that synthesizes Three Schools of Thought for Greater Success into Three Powerful Mindsets that create Three Dimensions of Change integrated into a world of vibrant awareness for lasting change that dramatically accelerates the effectiveness and abundance of personal achievement, excellence, and transformation.


For optimal performance in any  endeavor, you will learn when and how-to use your key strengths to resolve internal conflicts and roadblocks that result in emotional and lifestyle breakthroughs to accelerate your success.

Your Signature Strengths… give you focused momentum to maximize your potential in any area of life and at all stages of life. This is an empowering strategy that propels you to take real and right action toward self-accomplishment and self-satisfaction… and live your authentic self for happiness in life, relationships, and business success.


Become Your  


When you enter the Spa of your Infinite Mind,

you will engage in Self-Induced and Self-Directed Exercises of Awareness that integrates these

Three Schools of Thought with the

Five Great Powers of your Mind

using my Powerful Signature System.

Learn More

#1 Mindset

Discover the Natural Laws

of Human Behavior


“Why do people do what they do?”

Discover the manifesting principles for HAPPINESS

#2 Mindset

Embrace the Great Laws

of Human Potential


“How the mind really works?”

Embrace the belief systems that

motivate people in SUCCESS

#3 Mindset

Align the Universal Laws

of Living Your Best Life


“What the world already knows?”

Align global wisdom, traditions, and

energy systems for WELLNESS

          Transform Your Life

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          Maximize Your Potential

 CALL TODAY  410 – 356 – 3377

Empower Yourself to Succeed   

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Sharpen Your Skills

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Three Keys Steps to Your Success


Laser beam focus on your goals


Develop knowledge, emotions, and skills

that will build momentum


Apply personalized strategies to your

daily lifestyle for ultimate success

It gives you the ability to activate the Law of Self-Mastery and how-to unleash the Five Great Powers of your Mind… Create new skills, gain insight, inspiration, and wisdom that help You achieve more than you ever thought possible, and make your dreams a reality sooner than imagined!


Stretch Your Mind

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“I think, therefore I am.”

-Rene Descartes





#1 Mindset

Positive Psychology techniques that replace your self-limiting thought patterns with beneficial ones that result in emotional breakthroughs and positive expectation for achievement, to experience enlightenment, self-actualization, and authentic Happiness.

#2 Mindset

Subconscious Communication convincingly draws upon your own inner resources and determination to quickly make changes that you desire as you build self-confidence, reinforce natural talents, optimize your beliefs, to realize your true potential and accelerate your Success.

#3 Mindset

Universal Philosophy utilizes the manifesting laws of attraction and self-empowering thoughts to align your core intention for success with your core life values, and raises your life force energy for deeper dimensions in transformational healing and Well-Being.

Unleash Your Creativity

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Cognitive Skills – Mindful Exercises – Creative Strategies






Make Your Dreams Come True

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Regardless of your goal, the Mind Spa Mentor System was developed as a 10-Step Success Formula that encourages, accelerates, improves, and supports you in your quest for self-empowerment, happiness, and success.

 1. Bio-psycho-social Personality Stress Profile

 2. Cognitive Awareness tools/mindset in


 3. Interactive Techniques/Self-Help Action Tools and CD

 4. Specialized Coaching Models match your goals

 5. Behavior Modification and Calibration System

 6. Holistic, Hypnosis, and Mindfulness Exercises

 7. Motivational Self-Affirmation Scripts that really work

 8. Peak Performance Techniques and Action Plans

 9. Lifestyle Management Resources for Reinforcement

10.Self-Empowerment Strategies - Real Guidance

     and Life Wisdom


But don’t take my word for it; find out for yourself. Break away from the pack and move ahead, believe in your dreams, and set yourself free!

CALL TODAY  410 –  356 – 3377

This unique, deeply satisfying experience

will dramatically change your life forever!






Don’t wait for the PERFECT MOMENT;

Take the Moment and make it PERFECT.

You have the absolute power

within you

 to reach your goals,

realize your dreams

and transform your life.

As your Mentor-Coach,

I will Show You How-to

Access and Activate




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For Local Clients: Our office is located in Baltimore, Maryland and Surrounding Areas in Maryland:

We are in Owings Mills, Baltimore County, and

We are near Baltimore City, Mt. Washington, Pikesville, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Westminster, Glen Burnie, Catonsville, Ellicott City, Columbia, Towson, Timonium, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley,  Parkville, White Marsh, Jessup, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Rockville, Frederick, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C.,

We are near Howard County, Carroll County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County   

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Mind Spa Wellness

10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

Completing Your CUSTOMIZED MENTOR-COACHING PROGRAM will have a practical, permanent and positive impact on how quickly you perceive things and how easily you do things, with lasting benefits for all.

“The path to success is to take massive determined action.”

-Anthony Robbins



Goals and Strategies:

Your customized program begins with a Dynamic Strategy Session – This includes a clear definition of your goals, a determination of your challenges in achieving them, and recommended strategies in goal success. This is a very important step to understand your goals, create comfort and rapport during your first session. We will discuss a plan of action with therapeutic and creative options for the best results, and then design a customized mentor-coaching program exclusively for you with the most effective strategies toward your desired success.

Bio-Psycho-Social Personality Stress Profile:

When you take this comprehensive assessment, it accurately measures your stress levels. You will discover your personality masks that reveal your patterns of self-sabotage, and symptoms of stress, your communication style and coping skills and trigger response under stress, and your strengths and weaknesses. We can then recommend strategies and methods that work best with your personality and goals for optimum results. You will find out your core signature strengths and learn when and how to use them to your greatest benefit. You will learn self-help techniques that improve your ability to overcome stress and achieve goal success.

Your Success Formula Pyramid:

The Mind Spa Mentor System was designed to create optimal balance in body, mind and spirit. Your Success Pyramid will build momentum in your ability to succeed and consistency in your ability to be more effective in your endeavors.  We will explore the core transformational elements of momentum and consistency to create success as a way of life.  

Specialized Calibration Monitoring System:

This is designed to monitor, adjust, and review your response levels, then accelerate your progress through the duration of your customized program. I will make appointment and program adjustment and assignments that I feel would be optimal for you to attain focused motivation and achieve maximum results toward your full potential in pursuit of your goals.

Flexible Schedules:

All individual sessions are by appointment with flexible times to fit your schedule.

Reinforcement and Support:

I have an online Transformational Treasure Chest of self-help tools and wisdom for the self-empowered lifestyle. You will also receive two unique and empowering tools -- an Interactive Self-Help Action Workbook in a PDF format customized to your goals and an Self-Help Audio CD, which are designed for your program to help you assimilate, internalize, apply, and reinforce the coaching process, related knowledge, and develop your personal skills to attain the positive results you desire in making your greatest dreams coming true.

Digital Recordings:

A multi-media self-management and self-renewal system of “portable ready-to-use programs” for busy lifestyles is produced in my own private digital recording studio. Patricia M. Armour develops and produces our own motivation • hypnosis • meditation CD series on a variety of transformational topics. These self-help CD’s empower you because it gives you continued motivation, reinforces your goal progress and results, and takes your beyond what you have learned to new plateaus of happiness, health, and assured success.

Client Confidentiality:

All personal information and records are kept confidential.

Universal Attendance:

Sensitive to the customs and cultures of others, following the principles of universal common bonds in pursuit of knowledge, service, and global healing. All services are provided without discrimination or regard to race, color, gender, religious creed, national origin, marital status, ancestry, sexuality, handicap, or age (exception – must be 18 years of age).

Keep Abreast of Latest Techniques:

I, Patricia M. Armour, your mentor-coach, keeps abreast of the latest techniques and therapies in cognitive, behavioral, motivational, and holistic modalities. I maintain enhanced and expanded expertise through continued participation in annual certified training opportunities in the fields of personal development and wellness with a select group of prestigious professional associations.


Your Personal Success Pyramid will build momentum in your ability to succeed and consistency in your ability to be more effective in your endeavors.

Within my Mind Mastery Signature System, you will be exploring, implementing, and expanding your personal pyramid to success.

The core transformational elements of momentum and consistency are…


Discover the First 5 Steps of the

 “Success Pyramid Formula”

to Transform Your Future

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