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Evolutionary  Journeys  in  Consciousness  

for  Joyful  Living… Self-Help Wisdom

Self-Help Wisdom By Patricia M. Armour

Patricia M. Armour shares her personal path to enlightenment with you… covering a synthesis of philosophical, psychological, holistic, metaphysical, and spiritual traditions, with a blend of ancient mysticism, soul-centered wisdom, new millennium mysteries, and the great universal laws of mind, plus breakthroughs from the “New Thought Leaders and Meta-Consciousness Movement” in the personal growth community.  

It beckons you to be your best self and teaches you how to experience self-awareness, self-understanding, self-mastery, self-expression, and self-realization.

As a published author, contributing writer, newspaper and magazine self-help columnist, Patricia Armour now presents to you a mind-expanding, holographic perspective of life that initiates profound dimensions in enlightenment with self-help wisdom directly from her self-help newspaper column entitled “Soul Centered.”

Patricia offers answers to 100’s of questions that ring true, to give you new dimensions of inspiration and understanding. You are a vital and integral part of all humanity. Based on the philosophy that enlightenment is universal, you are invited to become illuminated by Patricia Armour’s inspirational teachings.

Thought-Provoking  Articles  

that  can  Empower  Anyone!

Enjoy and Evolve!

“Dr. Patricia Armour has resurrected the lost art of writing, as a direct path to the soul. Her rhythmic, but direct writing style naturally leads the reader to explore the techniques best suited to them. The result is a nexus of synergistic techniques that helps us approach our hidden feelings from any angle. Although not everyone can take advantage of Dr. Armour's private therapy sessions, her articles on unlocking the soul, to helping people unlock their hidden potential, are the next best thing. In just a few short pages, Dr. Armour outlines self-help strategies that give the reader powerful, but simple methods for putting their lives into fast forward. Her style is subtle, yet direct, as its disarming rhythm cuts through the reader’s doubts and defenses so that the point gets through. Dr. Armour provides a myriad of techniques that can unlock the secret doors to our subconscious that provide that direct connection to the soul. Her insights clearly illuminate the reader’s path — like a laser beam — Dr. Patricia Armour beams her help, advice and wisdom directly into the heart and soul of the reader.”

—Jeffrey J., Scientist, Engineer




“Blossom into Your Potential”

– By Patricia M. Armour

Spring is the time for new beginnings, self-renewal, inspiration, and creativity. The seeds of change emerge from the seeds of self-help, which emerge as empowered living, personal growing, healing, transforming, balancing, and enjoying your life.  

The Seeds of Soul is Emergence:

Each and everyone one of us can emerge as beautiful as a flower, strong as a tree, unique as a leaf, and precious as a seed in the vibrant garden of life. What do you need to stop, start, change, improve, expand, or explore in your life to support your true feelings, dreams, and well-being?  

There are three basic self-help seeds of conscious awareness that will allow you to blossom into your potential.

These three steps in cultivating your life release self-limitation, promote self-acceptance, and expand self-understanding. Implementing these into your daily thoughts will return you to a sense of wholeness, inspiration, and renewal on your life journey. It is essential to consciously embrace these three seeds for effective self-help and empowered living:

Seeds of Change:

Your heart’s desire and life-long dreams are the impetus of change and transformation. Any prejudiced feelings and distorted meanings that you have against yourself or your lifestyle must be relieved, released, and replaced by an attitude of progress, positivity, and possibility, regardless of your current circumstances. When an experience is so very powerful that it motivates and compels people to change the direction and pattern of their lives, it is referred to as a breakthrough, or an epiphany. However, what it truly is is the emergence of your soul -- a waking out-of-body experience is pure enlightenment witnessed by you with a sense of unity with all that is, the realization of your potential self, and the beautiful essence of your being,

When the seeds of change have grown strong within you, it is revealed to you in four ways:

  1. As a desire for movement in personal readiness when you the experience of your old realities no long appeal to you
  2. As the ability to notice and pay attention to the arrival of new opportunities, and take life-enhancing action
  3. As right timing, when the environment supported you to ensure your success
  4. As a sense of expansion and freedom to think, feel, do, and be what you to be, by seeing yourself as a new person

Seeds of Self Help Wisdom:

Every experience of change enters your consciousness and your life through awareness of thinking, feeling, doing, and being. Security is not in having things, but in handling things. The key to allowing yourself to take risks through change is the knowledge that you really can handle whatever comes your way.

All you need to do to change your world is to change the way to think and feel about it. You possess all the natural instincts, impulses, intuition, and energy to blossom into your potential -- Simply pay attention, listen to your soul-centered self, as your subconscious awareness sends knowing messages through internal feelings helping you to reclaim your power.

All seeds of self-help wisdom are opportunities to experience your life in a new way, a path to self-discovery of who you are, the person you can become, and what you would like to do in life, and manifest your destiny. All human beings are born to succeed, because the nature and purpose of all life is to grow, expand, and succeed and become what it is destined to be. The power of self-acceptance is belief in yourself. When you truly accept your life, and believe in your self, you create a beautiful self-image which is the beginning of a positive future, and a destiny fulfilled blossoming into your future reality.


Patricia M. Armour, Minding Your Spirit © 2000-2015 All rights reserved. Articles in this self-help column are the intellectual property of Patricia M. Armour, and cannot be reproduced or displayed in any form without written permission from the author. This article being displayed is for personal use and for use with your clients only. Other than use for your personal sessions it is not to be copied, printed, re-distributed or posted in any other locations online or offline.

Each article is an original work created by Patricia M. Armour.

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