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Welcome to the Spa of your Infinite Mind

Peace of Mind • Goal Success • Personal Transformation

This is Your


Come with Me and Reclaim Your Inner Calm.


“Breakthrough Moments to Happiness”

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         Gives You THREE PRACTICAL


         of Body–Mind–Spirit in…

Excellence – Achievement – Transformation






Your Positive Psychology

More than a Friend…

Better than a Consultant…

     Beyond a Therapist

MENTOR COACHING for personal and professional empowerment compels you to focus on your authentic happiness and best self, creating change through a structured format and time frame, within a motivated, insightful, supportive, like-minded partnership between your coach and you to make healthy and positive choices, take real and right action toward accomplishing your dreams and important goals. Receive enthusiastic guided support, identify and resolve roadblocks, develop practical and creative strategies to effectively utilize your strengths, create focus and momentum, monitor your progress, maximize your potential in each area of your life necessary to achieve desired outcomes.

Trial, Triumph and Transformation…

“Dealing with normal, everyday life issues was very difficult. I would let small issues consume my life with negativity. Patricia Armour was very honest and helpful. Since going through her program, she has helped me succeed. I found my inner self, the person who was always there. By the way that I am now living my life, I have more energy and confidence in everything I do, and I can handle any of life’s obstacles. I am enjoying my life.”

 — Heather, B. Loan Processor

Let’s Talk about YOUR Goals.  

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The Mind Spa Mentor System will help you at

Any Stage of Life Make the Positive Changes

with the Best Decisions and Right Actions for

Soul Satisfaction and Solution Focused Success that will change the direction and destiny of your life using Patricia M. Armour’s powerful

Mind Mastery Signature System in private

one-to-one Customized Sessions.

Discover for yourself greater joy and success.

Now change your life the way you want it!


Experience – Insight – Innovation

Transpersonal Psychotherapist

      Mindful Mentor Coach

       NLP Hypnotherapist

Realize your heart’s desires with a respected Self-Help Columnist and Mentor-Coach, Patricia M. Armour. She is the founder of Mind Spa Wellness in Baltimore, Maryland providing private Counseling, Coaching, and Hypnosis with years of experience in client success, mentoring others in self-empowerment to improve the quality of their decisions, relationships, career, and lifestyle for joyful living.  Patricia M. Armour will encourage you to unleash your potential by teaching you how to utilize the “Five Great Powers” of both your conscious and subconscious mind, and will share with you her years of expertise and insight that only the masters know.

“I will guide you and support you in mind fitness, mind

expansion, and peace of mind for greater fulfillment.”

“What are Your  

Heart’s Desires?”

This website is...

A glimpse into what is possible, with all my self-help tools and tips to accompany you on every step of your journey From: Helping you assess where you currently are in your life to clarify priorities; Then: Aligning the mind-set of beliefs, values, choices that drive your behaviors and determine your level of success To: Implementing ways for you to achieve both peace and a personal breakthrough to your heart’s desires in any area of life.

I will assist you...

To clearly see the future you wish to create; I will help you map out how to get there; I will support you in taking action to achieve your goals, and I will mentor you to reach your destination. I will listen to your desires, then guide you to emotionally manage the cycles of change at any stage of life, with proven techniques in coaching or hypnotherapy that work, to re-ignite the excellence born in your best self, to maximize your transformation.

All through the Power of Your Own Mind

Because… Wisdom, Happiness, and Success

Beats within Every Heart


Internalized Thoughts / Feelings

Your Signature Strengths

Mentoring You to Reach Goals Faster

NLP HYPNOSIS uses the powers of your inner mind in a relaxed manner through mental exercises of focus and suggestion with other neuro-linguistic tools to help you utilize the power of your subconscious mind to help bring about the changes in your life that you desire to achieve, such as: to heal your body, enrich your emotions, resolve past memories, change unwanted or limiting behaviors, overcome challenges, improve your performance, and expand your drive with purposeful and positive thinking. Your hypnotic mind allows you to escape from the ordinary and soar into the extraordinary best in you.

Trial, Triumph and Transformation…

“In fear all the time, I stopped doing things I like to do. Afraid to be alone, walk outside, drive a car, keep a job, being in public places – a prisoner in my own home. Then I did hypnosis and right away, the fear is gone, no more anxiety or panic attacks. Five years of my life lost – now I have my life back. Best of all, I feel safe.”

– Dana L., Engineer

Change YOUR Life Now.  

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Soul-Centered Wisdom

Your Authentic Happiness

Evolutionary Journeys in Consciousness for Joyful Living

MINDFULNESS is a meditative state of awakened awareness of essential harmony within self, within all relationships, and within all circumstances. It reveals wholeness, balance, peace, illumination, and right action in change for fulfillment through the philosophy of wholeness and oneness of mind-body-spirit, through the practice of a meditative state of mind. Mindful living allows for greater awareness and connection to your authentic self in each moment… calm, relaxed, and focused for faster breakthrough results that are beneficial to your well-being, lifestyle, and happiness.

Trial, Triumph and Transformation…

“Patricia Armour is on a universal thought pattern. I recommend her teachings to anyone who has any kind of problem. Spiritually, she helped me better understand my own religious teachings and beliefs, in a way that I am able to truly apply it to my life. Now I am positive, more decisive, and get things completed. I reach into my own inner resources to create a happy life for myself. Patricia is inspirational, giving me the divine support and understanding I needed. Her meditations are uplifting and peaceful. I now feel closer to God, and divinely connected always.”

 – Karina C., Registered Nurse

Reclaim YOUR Inner Calm.  

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Mentor Coaching – NLP Hypnosis – Mindfulness

Whether you have one goal or multiple goals,

Each one of these paths you choose can easily provide you with unique understanding, advanced techniques,

and expanded levels of mind fitness, emotional confidence, physical healing, core value alignment, focused momentum, strategic goal manifesting, and stress relief for a self-satisfying and rewarding life.

Achieve your primary goal in only 1-4 sessions,

or multiple desired goals in 30 - 90 days.


You will learn how to quiet your busy mind, experience several natural mind/body healing techniques for

optimum relaxation, self-renewal, well-being.


   You can stop smoking for good. Stop the embarrassment, control cravings and mood swings, save your money.

Breath easier – feel better – smell fresher.


Think yourself thin from emotional eating to portion

control. Motivated to exercise with healthy eating lifestyle

for a lighter-slimmer-shapely you. No fad diets-pills.

LOVE  and  SEX  

Rekindle current love, heal a broken heart, or attract

new love. Effective communication, mid-life choices

for relationship goals. Solve sexual issues for great sex.


See your inner strength as amazing to stretch you beyond your comfort zone for greater self-esteem, confidence.

Shift self-image from unworthy to unlimited.


Money mindfulness techniques to attract, increase,

keep money. Life purpose, passion, quick action to

reach greatest potential, or mid-life career success.


Optimize your athletic best to lower your handicap

or score more goals; a laser beam focus for success.

Create a winning mental focus for peak performance.


Remain focused, calm taking exams. Reduce study time. Retain, retrieve, recall everything you read, do, or review when you need it most. Age-proof lifelong memory.


Let go of fears that have held you back from enjoying your life. Public speaking, driving highways or bridges, flying, the dark, closed in places, dentists, animals, things, etc.


      Stuck! A cluttered life holds you back from happiness.

You don’t start or complete projects; disappoint others. Disorganized – Change from overwhelmed to overjoyed.


Do mind/body healing techniques to control pain from arthritis, injury, or surgery; fatigue to vitality, allergies

to IBS, insomnia to peaceful rest, illness to wellness.


Universal laws of life for profound moments of sudden clarity, inner wisdom, healing, peace, authenticity, and fulfillment. Past life or age regression for transformation.

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Henry David Thoreau said,

“Things do change, we change.”

Now You have your own Mentor to…

Motivate you to Take Action over your fears!

You can expand a thought or idea, solve a problem, resolve a situation or make an important decision. You can let go of the past, heal a mind/body condition, or enhance innate talents within. You can imagine the future, and reach a goal, a dream or aspiration. You can seek peace, inspiration and relaxation, or sense a Divine spiritual universal connection. When you want more out of life, you can make dramatic improvements and satisfying achievements.






Sidhartha Buddha said,

“Our life is the creation of our mind.”

Now You have your own Mentor to…

Remind you of your Greatness

when you get stuck!

Your mind has a great capacity for clarity, certainty, confidence, courage, and change. The thoughts, beliefs, and choices you accept now shape your future. When you consistently focus, align and fully engage the “Five Great Powers” of your mind, you can achieve positive, profound life-transforming awareness that will match your core values and enrich your heart and soul, so you can enjoy your life and control your destiny. You will shift from a life of limitation into a life of abundance; allowing you to become all you want to be.





E. Eleanor Roosevelt said,

“The future belongs to those who believe

in the beauty of their dreams.”

Now You have your own Mentor to…

Give you the Guidance / Tools to get unstuck!

You have just begun a powerful new pathway toward improving the quality of your life, renewing your health, achieving your goals, and moving beyond your present dreams to believing in a better life and becoming your best self with my “One-to-One Customized Sessions” created specifically for you, by never giving up on following your heart’s desires. Get crystal clear about what’s possible for you when you focus on your highest vision for a most liberating experience.



Every  journey  begins  with  the  first  Step…




Joshua Marine said,

“Challenges are what makes life interesting;

overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Now You have your own Mentor to…

Support you and Maximize

every step of your success!

On the path of success, you can turn the greatest possibilities into living your dreams. You will attract opportunities and transform your past karma, on a journey that embraces being here now, with a backpack full of wisdom, values, and skills. Success is a state of mind… by optimizing your Key Strengths to believe in yourself, know your intentions, decide best actions, live life with passion and purpose... Your step-by-step success formula of willingness, ease, and priority attracts effortless, meaningful, and enduring success.

Mother Teresa said,

“Yesterday is gone,

tomorrow has not yet come,

we have only today. Let Us Begin.”

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Reach Goals Faster and Easier

with 10 Coaching Programs

or 20 Hypnosis Categories

Discover Your Personal

Success Formula that will

make your goals a reality

Five Great Powers of Your Mind

Unleash Your Full Potential

with My Signature System

Self-Help Wisdom / Mindful Living

Patricia’s Monthly Column

“The Lotus Garden”

Law of Attraction…

Guided Meditation Circle

and Group Discussion

“At my wellness center in Baltimore, Maryland

I created a relaxed environment for self-empowerment

 through one-to-one individual attention.

I have many years of client success

in working with a vast array of issues and goals.

I can help you, too, be successful

with My Signature Program,

“Five Great Powers…

Your Breakthrough Moments to Happiness”

customized to fit your personality, lifestyle,

coping skills, and important goals."

– Patricia M. Armour  

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For Local Clients: Our office is located in Baltimore, Maryland and Surrounding Areas in Maryland:

We are in Owings Mills, Baltimore County, and

We are near Baltimore City, Mt. Washington, Pikesville, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Westminster, Glen Burnie, Catonsville, Ellicott City, Columbia, Towson, Timonium, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley,  Parkville, White Marsh, Jessup, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Rockville, Frederick, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C.,

We are near Howard County, Carroll County, Harford County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County   

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Mind Spa Wellness

10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

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Using My Mind Mastery 3-Key Signature System

      You will Experience…

Accomplish Your Goals Easily and Quickly

Reach your primary goal in only 1-4 sessions,

or multiple desired goals in 30 - 90 days

for happiness, wellness, success.

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Relax – Heal – Achieve – Excel – Evolve

In your quest for empowerment, abundance, wellness, happiness, and success…

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