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As a thank you, here is the “First 5 steps of the Success Pyramid Formula” to guide and support you in your personal journey.

Learn the secrets to quantum success by taking the “First Five Steps of the Success Pyramid” with these familiar insights and new thoughts on how you can start to build momentum in your ability to succeed and consistency in your ability to be more effective in your endeavors, and create success as a way of life this year. Enjoy!

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Mind Spa Wellness

10806 Reisterstown Road, Suite 2A

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

Success Pyramid Formula

-By Patricia M. Armour

The First Five Steps

For Greater Success

Four Pillars of Success

(Most Important Key Questions)

The four pillars of success are four key questions you need to know to define success in your life. It will allow you to identify your values, gain clarity, set your intention, and know your priorities and determine the where to place your focus to achieve the success you seek.   

Ask yourself these four powerful and revealing key questions:

1. “What is success to me?”

This question helps you clarify your thoughts and personal definition of success. It also gives you more insight because you have to know what you want before you can acquire it or achieve it. This requires you to delve inward and examine your heart’s desires, and discover what inspires you and motivates you to seek your dreams. It also reveals how you can live a life with passion and purpose, and what it means to live a lifestyle of success.

2. “How do I measure success?”

This question is designed to determine if your criteria for success is primarily based on quantity like bigger, more, higher, grander, etc. or based on value like happiness, peace, service, love, etc. It is necessary to maintain a healthy balance so as not to feel empty, inadequate, and unsatisfied with yourself and your life. Balancing your goals allows you to recognize the benefits and blessings of all your successes in life.

3. “How do I know at the end of each day

whether or not I have been successful?”

This question encourages you to focus on your life one day at a time; to place your full attention on the meaning and energy of each success, big or small, in the awareness of the present moment. This gives you the perspective of a positive attitude and self-appreciation.

4. “If success is important to me,

how can I make a success of today?”

This question establishes your intentions, and determines the actions you can take to initiate, implement, and activate your important daily goals and heart-centered life-fulfilling dreams. This creates a mindset of willingness, ease, priority and harmony. The best way to be successful in the future is to be as successful as possible today – this is the true mindset of success.

Step # 5: One Peak Pinnacle Moment

      (Life Values and Your State of Mind)

True success is the quality of your life journey as experienced in your ability to effortlessly fulfill your desires. Personal success is self-transforming, as it is the quality of every moment of your life, and the quality of the journey experienced as joy, passion, love, and fulfillment.

In the field of human potentiality, four leaders give us unique and compelling theories, techniques, and tools for personal success.

James Arthur Ray states that…

the secret to success is focused living for harmony in all areas of your life in the pursuit of happiness, from the law of attraction to the blueprint of attainment to create harmonic wealth.

Deepak Chopra teaches us that…

true success is a spiritual journey in the continued expansion of happiness and fulfillment in the progressive realization of worthy goals, the unfolding of divinity with each of us fully materialized.

Wayne Dyer suggests…

success begins with the power of intention, that you are a co-creator in your own life and all that is attracted to it within the worldly sense of everlasting infinite possibilities, and manifested as your destiny.

Dan Millman states…

the key to success is living on purpose and improving the quality of your life with reason (goals) and faith (trust), instinct (experience) and intuition (wisdom), within the guiding principles of the universal spiritual laws presented in the school of life; making the world a better place for all.

Your State of Mind Affects

Your Level of Success

How important are your thoughts? The most important conversation you hold are the ones you engage in with yourself because your thoughts, beliefs, and inner dialogue are keys to your perceptions, decisions, and actions that attract more effortless success.

Early scientist Sir James Jeans stated…

“The universe looks less and less like a great machine and more and more like a great thought.” Modern scientists and physicists claim that the essential “stuff” of the universe is not atoms, but thoughts; and thoughts are pure energy. In describing how the universe works, they often refer to “the thoughts of God” and the “mind of atoms” and the “dialogue of creation.” They do not identify the cosmos and the world as a physical place, but as a state of mind.

Take the Journey of Each Thought

to Happiness and Success

Each thought will take you on a journey navigating you through the land of happiness and success. Listen to your inner wisdom, those whispers and statements deep within that tell your personal truths. In any moment of now, you may be praising yourself or ridiculing yourself, or you may be believing in yourself or doubting yourself, or you may be encouraging yourself or criticizing yourself. Your inner conversations are full of “I am” and “I am not” statements, “I can” and I can’t” statements, “I will” and I won’t” statements, “I have” and I don’t have” statements, and “If only” and “What if” statements.

Success Consciousness

All these thoughts, beliefs, and statements have tremendous power because they become your declarations to the world and promises to yourself of the life you want to live. You must send forth your words out in the direction you want your life to be.

Joel Osteen reminds us that…

“You cannot talk defeat and expect victory.” Think wisely about success. It is important to be careful and mindful of what you think and say about yourself and your life. Speak only positive, life-affirming words and statements.

John Milton suggests…

On the power of your own mind,

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” The concept that “success is a state of mind” is very ancient.

Over 2,000 years ago,

Siddhartha Buddha said…

“It is the mind which gives things their quality, their foundation, and their being.”

Expand Your Awareness

Pay attention to thoughts – your beliefs, attitude, and conversations you have with yourself and others about your ability to achieve success.  This will transform into the pinnacle moments that ultimately determine your success. Thoughts are creative. You can turn the greatest possibilities into your joyous reality.

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